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Hi again. I’m back from the dead. Please believe me when I say I’ve literally had no time to blog. Without torturing you with insanely dull details, let’s just say I got kicked out of my dorm and pulled off 2 straight all nighters. 666 more words


Look up.

The greatest human collection,

Every wish ever made

An eternity of confessions,

For the lonely & afraid

The magic of the sky,

A people’s history of asking why. 10 more words


Election Time

our country’s leaders
sport a new banner — same words
apple pie in the sky


Celestial Bodies - Full Moon, Half Moon, an Almost Total Eclipse

An eclipse is always a marvel. A true reminder of our place in the universe and our place in our solar system. The movement of these monumental celestial bodies, something we have no hope of effecting, is nothing if not humbling. 190 more words


Farewell Chicago

I have seven more nights to sleep in my Chicago bed. Seven more 5:30 am snoozes filled in by the sound of dump trucks reversing, ambulances speeding, cabbies honking, and heels clicking on pavement outside my bedroom window. 1,167 more words


Helpful Friends

swallows swoop and soar
devouring insect pests
friends in deed


Things I Learned in College: Alcohol

Story time, folks.

While at home over Spring Break, I decided to spend the day watching a film. As well as enjoy it with some wine. 965 more words