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Heaven's Wrath

praying for mercy
people recall their transgressions
funnels dance above.


Patchwork Quilts and Cobblestone Streets

..Cobblestone streets that stand the test of time leading generations down a path that goes somewhere..

..A stone cracks only to be replaced by another, years later, in a slightly mismatched color.. 95 more words


Things I Learned in College: Public Speaking

By a show of hands, who hates speaking in front of people?

*sheepishly raises hand*

I do.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am shy. 841 more words

Twenty Something

Packaged Curiosity

It came in an ordinary cardboard box, delivered by courier.  There was nothing to announce that this was anything special or extraordinary.  Just another routine delivery to the house. 352 more words

These songs must be tired of being in the wrong lips.

They simmer into notoriety while they are unleashed

Into furnaces that turn them into ice. 13 more words


Lupus Days

Heavy, dark clouds were gathering in from the edge of the sky and I knew I’d never make it home before the clouds burst open and soaked me.   264 more words

The Thinkers Always Win

Most of us would’ve spent half of our day yesterday watching the Fight of the Century and end up cursing in front of the TV because the ‘People’s Champion’ was not named as the winner. 966 more words