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Blues music theory: The difference between knowing your sh*t and, well, possibly just sounding a bit sh*t... (Part 1). 

This is the first post in what I hope to become a little semi-regular mini-blog series on music theory.

Music theory is one of those things that every musician knows will, in theory (pun intended), make them a better player. 347 more words


Blog - The Number Game

So following on from the previous blog, Chord Charts – we can now begin to focus on reading charts in more depth and look at a concept that is an absolute must for any aspiring musician. 150 more words

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Instinct and Instruction: The Unnecessary Battle

Valuing your musical instincts doesn’t mean you should avoid a bit of musical instruction.


It’s time to get serious about your songwriting. Buy “The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6-eBook Bundle… 565 more words


How Much Does A Music Gig Pay? - by Mike Overly

Regardless of the hardships that seem endemic in the music industry, it’s hard to give up on a dream. So, for those tenacious readers out there who are still determined to work in music, it may be a good idea to find out just what kind of remuneration you can expect. 68 more words

Music Theory

The Hungry Bassist's Guide to Rhythm Notation

mambo4 posted this a few days ago on Talkbass. It shows how to break down various rhythmic notation using tasty treats. It popped up on my Facebook ( 17 more words



Cadences generally represent a pause in rhythmic, melodic or harmonic movement. They often combine a momentary standstill of rhythmic motion with the use of common two-chord patterns to finish a phrase. 1,023 more words

Music Theory

Exploring the Role of Percussion Instruments

Lilly B. Gardner, MS. MS. MPA. DPA.

For a composition to be effective it must contain two of music’s basic elements – tone color (timbre) and dynamics.   849 more words