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HLBM 03: Open String Exercises

So, I worked on the open string exercises from the Hal Leonard Bass Method a little, this AM. I can handle all of the exercises on a single string pretty easily now. 256 more words



Lilly B. Gardner, MS, MS, MPA, DPA

The next couple of posts will deal with the subject of jazz, in preparation for our May 12th album release featuring Dorothy Donegan.  1,017 more words

Music Theory

HLBM 02: Open String Exercises

So, I’m continuing on with the Hal Leonard Bass Method (HLBM). I went through the first 4 exercises from yesterday a few times as a simple reading warm-up and then went forward. 285 more words


Harmonize the Diatonic Scale

Let’s review the triadic harmony of the diatonic scale, using the key of zero sharps and zero flats as an example.

First I line up the notes of the scale by fourths or fifths: 57 more words


HLBM 01: Open String Exercises

Ok, so I restarted the Hal Leonard Bass Method (HLBM) this AM. I originally started using it 4 years ago but got sidetracked somehow. Not this time though. 440 more words


Intervals - Perfect, Major, Minor, Diminished, Augmented

What exactly is a whole step? Since we’ve got all the time in the world, I’ll give you the long explanation here.

So, let’s talk about intervals. 1,098 more words

Music Theory

Transposition for Clarinet Players

Rule #1 of Clarinet Transposition –  Always transpose from the concert key to the key it is on clarinet before you do anything else!

This keeps you from getting really, really confused in the long run. 163 more words

Music Theory