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Why Summer is a Great Time for Lessons

There are quite a few reasons for taking lessons in the summer, none the least of which is the fact that the weather is better. Having taught students with a wide variety of ages for a few decades now, it seems that most school-age kids tend to take the summer off from lessons. 209 more words

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The Well Rounded Musician

A guest post by Pamela Rose

Much is said about nurturing the “well rounded musician”. Examining boards, conservatoires and teachers aspire to nurturing them. What is one exactly? 1,132 more words

Adding colour to the diminished scale

It is easy to slip into the idea, from studying harmony textbooks, that the only way to form scale-tone chords is to make stacks starting upward from each note, skipping every other note. 427 more words

Music Theory

A Quiet Revolution in Harmonic Theory

In my young day, your first lesson in jazz harmony was the so-called scale-tone seventh chords. This was the basis of the John Mehegan method back in the fifties. 690 more words

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The Science of Licks

Continuing from my recent post on the philosophy of licks, one of the measures of a good lick is how it messes with the listener’s cognition and fries his brain. 429 more words

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