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Writing Music Like Mozart

For the past six weeks I have been taking a Coursera class called, “Writing Music Like Mozart”. I’ll not bore non-music theorists with the details of what was covered, but I do want to address… 325 more words

Jim Gramze

The Other Jazz Scale

Every now and again, you’re working on a piece and you hit a passage that keeps tripping you up and you don’t know why. When that happens, it’s a sign you are about to embark on some brain re-wiring. 361 more words

Music Theory

#Echoic A shocking lesson in music theory

Our music theory teacher Mr. Stevens has recently taught us a lesson in creativity. In our class he played the saw. This was our first lesson in music theory to help us understand that “music is up to the interpreter”. 108 more words


Music composition, rules and inspiration

Approaching music composition is a goal that lots of musicians or non musicians would like to realize. Is there a systematic method which, if followed to the letter, would make it possible for a person to compose? 926 more words

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Updated file now online

Updated scales and chords bootcamp for jazz trombone document now online. If you’ve already printed this you’ll only need the last four pages but I suggest printing out the ‘notes’ because there’s an extended explanation of why I believe it’s unnecessary to extend the list of related scales. 6 more words

Music Theory

Related Scales; chord/scale relationships

The following is an extract from my FREE PDF document of scale and arpeggio exercises for jazz trombone. I am publishing part of the introductory notes here because it might be of interest to others who have posted similar articles. 870 more words

Music Theory

Free PDF download

I’ve compiled a free 56 page PDF scales and chords bootcamp for jazz trombone. The link is at the bottom of this page: http://www.arranging-composing.com/about.html

Errata: Page 55 text. 16 more words

Music Theory