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A Quiet Revolution in Harmonic Theory

In my young day, your first lesson in jazz harmony was the so-called scale-tone seventh chords. This was the basis of the John Mehegan method back in the fifties. 690 more words

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The Science of Licks

Continuing from my recent post on the philosophy of licks, one of the measures of a good lick is how it messes with the listener’s cognition and fries his brain. 429 more words

Music Theory

Liking music and Appreciating music 

The difference between liking and appreciating music is fairly large, to me. It isn’t about the amount of live concerts you go to, or the amount of vinyls you own, as that is just a way to show your love or appreciation for music. 696 more words

ABRSM Grades 1-5 Theory Terms (ON HOLD)

These are all the terms you need to know for Grades 1-5 theory, for those of you who are studying music and can’t get your hands (or any other part of your body) on any revision books.  432 more words

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Key Signatures

The key signature is the number of sharps or flats in a key. Why should you know them? Well, uh, it’s kind of impossible to know a scale without knowing what notes to play, and knowing the key signature basically means you know what notes to play. 504 more words

Music Theory