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GAYE Family Now Sues Rapper T.I. + PHARRELL & ROBIN THICKE Appeal Their $7.3 Million Lawsuit for "Blurred Lines"

So the words of the day are:

  • Appeal


  • Amend

Alright now, as we reported last week (regarding the Blurred Lines case), Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke lost the case when it was found that Blurred Lines… 309 more words

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Self-Proclaimed "Recovering Ego-Addict" JOHN MAYER Talks: TAYLOR SWIFT, Music and His Persona (Then) Versus His Person (Now)

Although John Mayer sings about run through the halls of his high school and singing to the top of his lungs there’s no such thing as a ‘real world’—just a line we’ve got to rise above…the self-proclaimed former “recovering ego addict” who will be the first to tell you these days: “First Things First I’m a realist” is doing just that: being real. 639 more words

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CHRIS BROWN Says He Owes You "Nosey Muhfuckahs" Nothing + Blocks CHRISSY TEIGEN Before She Can Get Her Trademark Diss In

Unlike 7/8 years ago, with social media being right at your fingertips-bringing fans’ favorite celeb closer to them unlike never before; I can see where the compulsion to feel a certain connection (due to close proximity) can give way to a fans delusion that somehow they have some inalienable right to their favorite celebs personal life (especially when their private lives are just pages away on the same world wide web). 206 more words

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This Might Impress You Much: SHANIA TWAIN To Tour For First TIme in Over A Decade!

*Shania voice*


So you thought Shania Twain hung up her mic eh?

This might impress you much:

Shania Twain, who first broke through with her 1993 self-titled collection before going on to sell over 75 million records and 17 top-10 singles over her four collections, is leaving Las Vegas and heading out on a farewell tour, the artist revealed to Robin Roberts Wednesday morning on… 327 more words

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GIORGIO ARMANI Rebuts MADONNA's Explanation Citing a Default in Design of the Cape Made by Him As Reason for Her BRIT AWARDS Tumble

Well as you know (less than a week ago) the Brit Awards went down and while there were some exciting goings on and performances, most memorable for all of social media was the sight of Madonna going down, too: backwards-down a flight of steps as prop. 280 more words

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Evolution of K-pop Series - 1950's and 1960's

Tomorrow (5 March 2015) is the Jeongwol Daeboreum (Great Full Moon Festival) in South Korea.  Wishing you a happy Jeongwol Daeboreum!  If you wish to know about the rituals and celebration events related to Jeongwol Daeboreum, you can read… 928 more words

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