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Episode 51: Chelsea Beck


It’s a throwback week to guests with ties to the music scene. Today’s podcast features Chelsea Beck who runs a show space out of her basement in Baltimore. 53 more words

Eric Tries Too Hard

Episode 36: Mike Shiflet & High Aura’d, Phirnis/Katarrhaktes, and Oren Ambarchi

We had a good run with these three records. The Mike Shiflet & High Aura’d collaboration is a stunner, Phirnis/Katarrhaktes prove noise has some life in it yet, and Oren Ambarchi kicks butt on his Live Knots record. 68 more words

Experimental Music

Episode 48: BFF's Volume 1 featuring Naval Officer Pat, Brad Hartland, and Ryan Sweeney


This week we have the first installment of my BFF podcast episodes that will go up once a month or so. These extra episodes stray from the interview format and I will have on past guests of varying backgrounds to discuss topics and bust each other’s balls. 85 more words

Eric Tries Too Hard

Episode 00 - What Is 'Free This Wave'?



Featured song: Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive, by The Prefab Messiahs.

Background song: Fission Precision, by Strobotone.

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Episode 47: Casey Flesch


This week’s episode is with comedian Casey Flesch. We talk about stand up and the music scene in the midwest, how human beings can survive in such frigid temperatures, his experience seeing a certain fruit-smashing comic, and blacking out during his first open mic. 70 more words

Eric Tries Too Hard

Episode 35: Consumer Electronics, Kreng, and Kevin Drumm

We’ve been a bit slack but we’re back. This time ’round we’re dissecting a punishing new-ish record from Consumer Electronics, an underwhelming avant-classical work by Kreng, and the might minimal Trouble by Kevin Drumm. 65 more words

Experimental Music

Episode 38: Making Offensive Jokes And Buying Them Back


Everyone says having a kid changes your perspective on everything. So I’m burning off as many of my podcast topics/ideas as I can before I turn into a zombie or something. 108 more words