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My first love, Music.

Following my first love in life, 406 Up Films () is in full production making music videos.  There is much work to be done and we just invested in even more film equipment to get those interesting shots just right.   63 more words

Gotta Let It Go

I learnt that letting go probably isn’t an overnight thing. it may take
months and years to let go or forget about someone. The memories of love, pain and… 175 more words


Little Rock N' Roll Angel

Hey friends! This is my new logo, if you see it somewhere downtown , you should know it’s Irene and her blog. :)

Have a great Sunday and an even greater week to come with lots of music! <3

Irene Pavlidi

Challenge #3

The Perks of Being a Wallflower Pt. 2 that you make me a mixed tape (preferably CD, I can’t play cassettes, but I’ll find a player if I have to) that has a theme about our friendship or your feelings about me as a person, that I can listen to on repeat, much again like a 14 year old kid in middle school. 129 more words


Monday's Music - Antonio Vivaldi

Shame on me! I forgot to post some music on Monday! I guess, that’s what happens, when you’re back from vacation Sunday night and have to go back straight to work the very next day. 249 more words


Find the #1 Song of the Day You Were Born

Hey guys, I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves music here! And if you’ve ever wondered what songs did everyone listen to when you were born or when you were a kid, here’s the answer! 62 more words