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"You Still Buy CDs?"

A week ago at Best Buy, I was looking through the now diminished music section of Latin Music CDs. There was not a lot of variety, but I did consider purchasing the new Juanes and Luis Fonsi albums. 1,305 more words

SVET | Quicken Loans #FR6Conference | Live Performence

On Feb 27th, 2015 Svet performed live for the 6th annual Family Reunion Conference at the Cleveland Convention Center. The event was hosted by Daniel Gilbert who is mostly know as the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Quicken Loans. 62 more words


Why Christians and “Worship” Teams Should Tune all Instruments to 432 hz and Abandon 440 hz

Why Christians and “Worship” Teams Should Tune to 432 hz and Abandon 440 hz

by A. True Ott, PhD

First of all, allow me to explain the current situation by exploring historical truths.  3,507 more words

Father Abraham

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This is just another confirmation of the uncovering of Satan's plans over the past century through his Satanist pals Rothschild and Rockefeller. Tuning the globe for the Beast. Because hidden in plain site under our noses we have discovered that 444 is the mirrored image of 666. The Roman numeral four, IV, when mirrored becomes, VI. These Satanists are now exposed for their evil design to tune the globe to the frequency of the Beast!!!!! We are definitely at the time before Christ's return. The Satanists are exposed and Christ is about to pour out judgement on a world that rejects him, even tuning his creation to the frequency of the Beast!!!!!!

Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money" Rollout Is Even More Badass Than You Think

There’s a moment towards the end of Rihanna’s game-changing performance of “Bitch Better Have My Money” at last night’s iHeartRadio Music Awards where Bad Girl Ri Ri struts towards the end of the stage, past the shrieking fans set in place for the show’s broadcast. 912 more words


Denver musician Ron McMillon

Denver musician and composer Ron Mcmillon is set to release “Talkin’ About Jesus” this month and we’re happy to announce that Eyedea Worx will be handling the printing of this great new album! 121 more words

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things that i've learned so far.

counting down: 1 day before GST.

so, i had an episode with life. nothing major, just some quarter-life crises. *cue laughter*

these kind of things, it’s nothing new to me as there will always be some days where i’m just not feeling ‘em. 840 more words


Jay Z wants to swim against the tide in streaming music

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To paraphrase his own lyrics, Jay Z is not a businessman, he’s a business, man. Let him handle his business, damn. 565 more words