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Mirrored from my edit blog 1/2
Mirrored from my edit blog 1/2


A Window into a Beautiful World, Review of the First Season of Mushishi

Every once in a while we come across a title which goes against the grain. 3,349 more words

Anime Review

Mushishi Under the Microscope- Is Mushishi fatalistic?

Justin from Organization Antisocial Geniuses was kind enough to invite me to write for his site an editorial and so I did. Go over to his… 29 more words


Our hearts beat differently

Every species has its own longevity, but it’s said that they live for roughly the same number of heartbeats. Which means time is more dense for some than it is for others.

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It is widely agreed that Mushishi is one of the most relaxed anime and it is also agreed that it is a dark anime. I got interested because I couldn’t understand how an anime could be relaxed and dark at the same time.  467 more words


The Journey of a Story I

Inspiration and Influences

Each author takes on a journey in writing a story.

The influences are the preparation that marked the conception of the track. 425 more words