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we can work out all things
because our sum isn’t dumb
and the distance we have come
is farther than we had fallen
i don’t feel so small and… 96 more words


cul-de-sac, your life

i am not buying your confusion
some psychic contusion
that erects an illusion
to bring about my slow demise
i know in your eyes
it was never that… 131 more words

Muse Hick

a touch of story

i have such fun with you
and friendship is a more than solid base
we walk to work happy
reinventing our scenery
with many stories… 49 more words

Muse Hick

almond tree branches

sitting here eating almonds
i think about that book on soil culture
and the page on almond trees
the pages on apple trees
it makes sense to me… 44 more words


st pete missed

the car’s electrics don’t want to play
so i’m not going today
st petersburg, you will miss me, i know
and tonight i will miss your seedy glow… 61 more words


we are playing

games we are playing
things we are saying
this our way in
to the whole shebang
let it go hang
let it play out
don’t fade away; don’t fade out… 53 more words

Muse Hick

the shining world, my love

you are wonderment
and you are games
that resonant frequency
in a high harmonic
a music of the spheres
primum mobile to my ears
i am in love with you, my dear… 18 more words

Muse Hick