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When you get close to burning out, what are you going to do? Just give up, or keep pushing? I like to think that I always push. 52 more words

Paul Grimsley


I edge forward, believing that slow and steady wins the race sometimes. Or maybe that isn’t the criteria … I just know that sometimes things aren’t instantly delivered, but if you do keep turning up and doing what needs to be done fruition comes to pass. 89 more words


It Collapses

It collapses – the last edifice of a kingdom loathed by the new philistines. They do not look at things and see a resonant harmonic of the beauty of a man touched by god as evidence in architecture that is blessed with golden symmetry. 118 more words

Muse Hick

walking around

i reassure you through tears
we walk around
looking out
near all the churches
all the interesting buildings:
that half complete amphitheatre
with the floating suicide door… 41 more words


bring to mind anything

so much information
so many sorts
so much differentiation
so many different thoughts
we learn the world in pieces
as we take off bitesize chunks… 53 more words


upper case ism

we pick it up
or it’s a delivery
or we window shop
or we have a catalogue
or someone recommends it
we drive by it… 43 more words


reading around

i read about tech in the morning
and trade agreements
and enough to recognise venus and jupiter
as they light the sky
i read about gay marriage… 57 more words