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Everything is relative. Thanks. Doesn’t help when you are in it. Ever tried not to think about something when you can feel it pressuring you? It can be hard to say the least. 73 more words

Paul Grimsley

Urine Hate

Writing whilst being trapped on a bus and desperately needing to pee is not the most fun thing to do in the world. Lots of thoughts do rush in, but they are unsurprisingly cross-cut with thoughts about peeing. 67 more words


fort he - 8. Barry & Bertie

Two busy bees helping people. If anyone had known Creosote before they would not have pegged him as the same man, and in many fundamental ways he wasn’t. 185 more words


into webs

i like to surf
i cruise around
my friends i never met
like everything i do
and exist in my circles
invited into my space… 30 more words

Muse Hick

in the rain

some days you stand there in the rain
and someone chooses to explain
what is wrong about you
and none of it is true
but they love their bullshit… 80 more words

Muse Hick

quantum entanglement

on time for a very important date
you read about Alice to me
and we tumble after her
yesterday we talked about buying a Matrix car… 50 more words


turtle conversation

turtle conversation
flipped on its back
legs pumping
you want to hare past
hang up because of your hang up
dealing with slow people

not bad people… 31 more words