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Are you lazy? Are you a dosser? Does it make you proud to sit around and do fuck all and be rewarded for it? Are you one of these entitled motherfuckers that thinks that the world owes you something, but you have been around for so long that you have put down a taproot out of your immoveable arsehole? 256 more words

Paul Grimsley

i thought i understood before

sometimes you say something
and it is so perfect
i wish i had been blessed with it
but i am blessed by it
because it is about us… 68 more words

Muse Hick

waking in the walking through us

do metaphors loosen and mix
as age works the muscles into slackness?
pouches the belly
magnesium cramps the feet
haemorrhoids the rectum
arthritises the hands… 147 more words


Friday Reign

Florida you forget yourself
Raining when I have no umbrella
And yesterday you’d promised rain
And didn’t deliver
Despite the fact I was prepared

I walked past the solemn security guard… 60 more words


Life Begins 5. Work Ethic

my mum was so lapsed i had a loose idea
of what a catholic was
and my dad was a holiday worshipping christian
i read the bible and had questions… 155 more words

Muse Hick

Stories You Were Told

What if it all depended on the stories that you were told as a child? What if? Not so far fetched, is it?

Look at someone near you and work it out … what bedtime stories did their parents shape them with? 284 more words


Life Begins - 4. the people i miss

i talk of you as gone
but i am ghost anchored
and not unpleasantly so
i shall reach those days
where i know more dead friends… 86 more words