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Thought mush today. I feel like I did nothing. Kinda slept with my eyes open, which is weird, because when I got up I felt well rested. 41 more words


Life Begins - 23. Tiredness

i wonder if it’s different
settling in deeper in the bones
i wake drooling on my desk
the coffee didn’t fix it
the b1 didn’t fix it… 45 more words

Muse Hick

a reminder

last night’s hard work
was rewarded with early morning relax
extra minutes to sleep
we hit heads last night
cracked up laughing
lost the duvet at 5am… 54 more words

Muse Hick

a heavy call

you are slow and solid with me
rusted machinery
it wears on me
so i ask for help
and we back down
and i won’t help… 43 more words


philosophy concrete blocked

today was philosophy concrete
held solid and set
a dumb damned regret
of a suffocating phonecall
of a walled up lack of help
some problematic self… 76 more words


pan-determined players

some people get angry over nothing
things they know little about
and they shout
and they are rude
unable to see past false data

much later… 42 more words


this is a life in time

there’s a flight involved
there’s a plight dissolved
there’s a site evolved
and a world revolved
this is a life in time
this is a single line… 34 more words