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WATCH: Jason Derulo Takes Us Through His Abs Workout

Want fab abs like Jason Derulo?? The you gotta work out like Jason Derulo! You will need to work up to his speed though because he is super strong. 14 more words


Day 3 ~ The Truth About Muscle Relaxtion

It is time to take on day three. Day three is about the truth the muscle tension which will then lead to muscle relaxation. This then will allow one to relax and forget about their stress. 378 more words


"0 - 100 Real Quick"

I’ve always thought a pretty fun game to play was the, “let’s guess what that dude with headphones is listening to” game. What I’ve found, is that it’s even funner to play this game at the gym. 259 more words


Competition suit!

Its getting real. Im really in this. No backing out now!

Coach told me it was time to get my suit so my mom, sister and I made the two hour trip to this awesome lades house who specializes in these kinds of suits. 403 more words



So OUCH… I am finally just getting into my relaxation phase of the day. And boy do I need it today!! I really pushed myself at the gym today and my muscles are screaming as a result. 179 more words


When even restorative yoga class is too much

I felt totally bleurgh today. Nothing dramatic, nothing life-threatening. Just an M.E. day. How does that feel? It’s boring to describe, but basically like I’ve run a marathon, have jet-lag, with a dose of proper flu on top. 441 more words


How To Properly Sculpt Your Calf Muscles

There are two primary muscle groups on the back of the lower legs-the gastrocnemius and the soleus muscles. The soleus is a wide, flat muscle that lies beneath the heart shaped gastrocnemius. 29 more words