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Conscription and other Draconian Taxes - Ryan McMaken

Conscription (i.e., “the draft”) was ended in the United States more than forty years ago, but it continues to be widely used outside North America and Western Europe. 376 more words


Is Libertarianism Compatible With Christianity?

A friend sent me a link to a newspaper column celebrating the supposed ascendance of libertarianism among the hoi polloi.

“It is clear,” the author wrote, “that there are certain areas where an increasing portion of Americans are adapting more libertarian views and simply want the government to leave them alone and allow them to freely live their lives.” 944 more words


Biotech valuations are out of control

From Bespoke Investment Group

56 of the 89 (63%) stocks in the Nasdaq Biotech Index with market caps of more than $1 billion have no earnings.

27 more words

Geometry, A Belgian Anarchist, and Two Generations of Radical Youngsters

In the early 1950s Murray Rothbard began attending the economic seminars hosted by Ludwig von Mises at the New York School of Business. Murray’s right-leaning ideological origins were a perfect fit for Mises’ Austrian economics that place the individual as the primary economic unit and sees private property and free exchange as crucial for human flourishing. 1,588 more words

The Crucial Question of Liberty

Murray N. Rothbard was one of the finest minds of the 20th century and helped to resurrect the freedom movement seemingly single-handedly. He wrote in 1977: 775 more words

Society And Government

Diving into “Rothbard’s Wall Street, Banks, and American Foreign Policy”

By Claudio Grass
Global Gold

November 14, 2014

Content: This paper summarizes an outstanding essay written by Murray N. Rothbard in 1984, which appeared the first time in World Market Perspective and later under the same title as a monograph produced by the Center for Libertarian Studies in 1995. 127 more words

Endless War