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Ron Paul's Curious (And Concerning) Coziness with Anti-Semitism

First of all, let me state that I don’t think that Ron Paul is himself an anti-Semite; at least I don’t have reason to believe he is personally, much in the same way I doubt he’s racist against blacks or espouses any of the other offensive fringe views that have been expressed in his name. 748 more words


Saint Hillary and the Religious Left By Murray N. Rothbard

This article was originally published in the December 1994 issue of the Rothbard-RockwellReport.

For some time I have been hammering at the theme that the main cultural and politicalproblem of our time is not “secular humanism.” The problem with making secularism the central focus of opposition is that, by itself, secularism would totally lack the fanaticism, the demonic energy, the continuing and permanent drive to take over and remake the culture and the society, that has marked the left for two centuries.  387 more words

Ancient Ireland Was Not Libertarian

While reading Rothbard recently, I came across an unusual claim of his. He used the example of Ancient Ireland as an example of a libertarian, even anarchist-capitalist society. 2,439 more words


(excerpt from ECONOMIC TERRORI$M: vol iii "Legacy of Money") JUNO MONETA; GODDESS OF MONEY


The North East section of the landmass, referred to as:  The new World, and to be named America, was annexed to Britain.  The European immigrants did not have a system for issuing money/currency.  234 more words