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Boston Men Take on Hair Bun

“My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun.” Nicki Minaj’s hit song about derrieres could take on a completely different sort of bun, and we’re not talking hamburger rolls. 795 more words


Model United Nations - Change of Pace

Yesterday was LPCMUN (Li Po Chun Model United Nations) CoP (Change of Pace) day – don’t you just love all of the acronyms we use at LPC? 873 more words



We’ve now reached a bit of a block in our exploration of the solar system. We’ve collected so much science that we’ve managed to unlock every node available in the tech tree up to this point and since we can’t unlock anything costing more than 500 science that’s where we are now stuck. 1,281 more words

Kerbal Space Program

This is new..

This is new. It’s all new to you, of course, but it’s also new to me. I don’t blog. I’ve never blogged. I have no idea what I’m doing, actually. 390 more words


Food Woes at Memorial University

I’m delighted that the food quality at Memorial University has been getting some attention this week. I may be a little spoiled having come here after attending Guelph U, known for having the best food in the country, but I must really agree with the vocal students who have brought this issue up that the offerings at MUN are ridiculously poor. 461 more words


Thói quen không ngờ gây mụn trứng cá

Có những thói quen hằng ngày gây mụn trứng cá mà nhiều chị em đang mắc phải.

Thói quen không ngờ gây mụn trứng cá … 310 more words

Year 5, Day 54

Resolute orbits the Mun once, and returns to Kerbin, landing just outside KSC. The shuttle is recovered at nearly 95% of its value – wow! … 54 more words

Year Five