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Year 1, Day 178

The very chunky looking Aurora 5 launches!

It reaches an apoapsis of 80k, and Jebediah circularizes the orbit. So far, so good! Jeb plots a course to Mun and starts the burn!

Year One

Year 1, Day 177

Aurora 5b, the lander section recieves remote orders from Mission Control to circularize the orbit – readings indicate it was a success! The lander is safely in orbit of Mun. 13 more words

Year One

Year 1, Day 161

Construction begins on the first two-rocket mission: Aurora 5. The first rocket, Aurora 5a, will take a crew to Mun, and back. The second rocket, Aurora 5b, will deliver a lander to the crew in orbit. 39 more words

Year One

Year 1, Day 118 (Aurora 4 Launch)

Calson and Bob head out to the launch pad and board the Aurora rocket, headed to Mun!

Woooooosh! Into space!

Calson clearly paid attention during training – he launches the craft into a great gravity turn, requiring only 370 delta V to circularize the orbit at 75k. 30 more words

Year One

Year 1, Day 114

Construction starts on Aurora IV – the next manned ship to Mun! Rookie pilot Calson and rookie scientist Bob will get their space-legs on this journey! 37 more words

Year One

Packing Party

Today was the culmination of a prolonged period of stress and anxiety – the packing party. In short, it involves $10,000+ of medications and medical supplies strewn across my living room in preparation for being jammed into various suitcases to be transported some 4900 kilometres to Honduras. 355 more words


"Work hard. Volunteer. Persist."

Written by: Angela Noseworthy

I was surprised to be asked to write for a youth blog. I hardly consider myself youth – watching in the mirror every day for that first sign of grey! 832 more words