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Lines and coLours

Haven’t drawn and coLored anything for years. But since I got my Midori TraveLer’s Notebook I’ve had this sudden urge to draw.. Not that I can draw weLL LoL. 26 more words

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Feature perfect

Binging Against The Current’s Dreaming ALone earLier in the day made me reaLize how perfectLy harmonious Takaboy’s voice sounds together with Chrissy’s and that he is actuaLLy a great coLLaborator. 321 more words

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35xxxv first impression.


  • To anyone who have not Listen to One OK Rock’s 35xxxv, GO AWAY.
  • This may contain too much CAPS LOCK for your Liking.
  • To everyone who’s been reading this bLog for a whiLe, yes, this is another One OK Rock reLated post.
  • 1,038 more words
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Bite the buLLet, don't puLL the trigger, hoLd tight.

I don’t hate One OK Rock’s Cry Out. But I don’t Love it either. My first reaction after I heard it was “Whew there are a LOT of stuffs going on here” and not aLL of those stuffs are good. 349 more words

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Fandom and fangirLs are scary things, eh. And the internet makes them even more scarier.
I guess I’m pretty Lucky Internet was stiLL a commodity equaL to exotic rare birds when I had the hugest ceLebrity crush on Josh Hartnett and Scott Moffatt so I’ve never had a chance to go baLListic whenever I heard they were dating anyone. 167 more words

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Okay. Now I know why I’m quite attracted to him. He kind of Looks Like young Kevin Bacon in FootLoose. OnLy rounder.

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ALways a fooL trying to be cooL

I Love how One OK Rock keeps bombing my birthday month for two years in a row. Last year, the concert. This year, FOOL COOL ROCK is screened on some LocaL cinemas, onLy for this weekend. 314 more words

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