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Who am I?

The job title generator tells me that I am a “Middleweight Front End Design Specialist.”  What!?

You see I am in a bind.  I am putting together my CV and I am trying to impress a future employer with my excellent credentials, pleasing personal profile and checkable employment history. 175 more words

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Choosing To Be A Stay At Home Mum

So I feel that this could be another one of my controversial posts, like the one I did recently on why I decided not to breastfeed… 924 more words

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Watch What you Say

The meaning of words is “speech or talk: to express one’s emotion in words” (Dictionary.com).
Words heal, destroy, soothe, convey, express, help, transport us to another place or time, makes peace………but at times it can be so easily misunderstood. 264 more words

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The People We Meet

I have joined all sorts of Mum clubs and forums. I even set up my own ‘mummy meet and greet‘ in order to make friends in the same situation. 245 more words

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Over Eager yet Addictive

Have you ever bought toys and clothing that is ‘too old’ for your child simply because it’s so cute? I cannot stop myself. Here is the formula: 102 more words

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Our Family Day Out in Pictures :)

Hi Guys,

We decided to take Jacob to a local Butterfly farm today, it’s so nice to be able to go do things like this as a family, it’s usually just me and Jacob when Kevin at work so I love just watching them both goof around! 32 more words

Scary baby things you get used to....

Sort of….
1) Startle reflex. Where they act like they are falling. Shocked little face, Arms reach out. Body stiffens. Often followed by crying. Often happens in their sleep and often wakes them up. 360 more words

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