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Maddison's First Birthday Party

Slightly belated but Maddison celebrated her 1st birthday on 8th February (almost 3 weeks ago)! All of a sudden my little girl doesn’t seem so “little” anymore. 578 more words

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Mum Plans

I have read a few articles lately that discuss the fact that as a mum, you can often lose sight of who you are. This means that in the day-to-day and month-to-month madness of looking after children, you can get lost in your chores and tasks as a mum to the point you don’t remember what it is that YOU like or what YOUR hobbies are. 676 more words

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Style it Thursday: The Statement Necklace

I’m a big fan of a statement necklace! I honestly believe it can take your outfit from boring to fab in one easy step. So that’s what I’m talking about on today’s Style it Thursday on a Friday! 175 more words


Mothers Group

So i have become an active member of my local mothers group. It is based on Facebook but we have started to catch up every two weeks. 308 more words

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Being a mum is...

…picking your son up for that first morning cuddle and having poo stain your white jumper after it seeps out of an exploding nappy.

Being pregnant is having your baby kick your full bladder so that you pee yourself a little.



One does not simply prepare dinner.

I often give Archer a bit of freedom in the house. With most things baby proofed, I pretty much let him roam around the house on his own and touch base with him every now and again. 301 more words


Things you know to be true when becoming a mum...

1. It doesn’t matter how much pink you dress your newborn baby girl in someone will always say “Aww, what a handsome little man!”

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