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The journey between two drafts

With the first draft of my research project complete, I am realizing how much there is yet to do.

The first half

I have done quite a bit in the way of progress in the last several weeks. 237 more words



An info graphic is a visual representation of information that combines elements of both information and design. It provides explanation of complex information in other ways than just using text. 257 more words

My Life

Video No-No, Example of Bad Video Techniques

India’s Black Market For Blood from Storyhunter on Vimeo.

Not all multimedia stories use video in the best way. It can sometimes be difficult to balance all the visual storytelling elements in one piece, and this video above is a testament to that. 273 more words


The New York Times Newstrack: Lens & Pictures of the Day

This week I chose to look at Lens, the New York Times’s page for photography, video and visual journalism. Like the Times’s Multimedia page, Lens showcases stories that are particularly visual and incorporate photographs and slideshows into the articles. 231 more words


Week 11 - Feature Editor

During the last newsday I functioned as a Feature Editor for the second time this semester. I had the responsible for all features content as well as organising and managing production teams. 32 more words

Week 9 - Chief Sub Editor

During this week’s newsday I functioned as a Chief Sub Editor where I was responsible for ensuring the correct grammar, spelling, house style and tone of the published work on our website. 9 more words

Week 8

I functioned as both a Feature Editor this week, as well as a Social Media Editor during the Queens visit in Southampton. My responsibilities except from organise and manage the production teams on the actual news day were to take photos and live-poste twitter updates during the official launch of the new P&0 cruise vessel Britannia on Tuesday 10thMarch.