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I was looking at the variety of accents we hear within Elephant and Castle market. I realised that one element that really makes parts of Elephant and Castle area feel far from London (and also English) is the interiors of the shops and the tacky, badly designed branding. 85 more words

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An Open Letter To David Cameron and Ed Milliband

This letter came my way through the e-mail and it expresses just about every sentiment of the unrest that is gripping the British people. There is a huge amount of resentment in Britain concerning these issues, but sadly, Tony Blair’s Anti-Racist Laws effectively silenced any possibility the people have of voicing their opinions.   1,142 more words


‘You are not suitably dressed': Quebec judge refused to hear single mother’s case because of hijab | National Post

Outrageous. Has she made the same ruling for men wearing a kippa or turban? Does she not understand what religious freedom means?

A Quebec Court judge refused to hear the case this week of a single mother trying to retrieve her car because the woman would not remove her Muslim head scarf.

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Chris Selley: NDP and Liberal positions on niqab during citizenship oath are pleasantly surprising

Chris Selley on the courage of both opposition parties in opposing the government in appealing the niqab ban at citizenship ceremonies:

It’s good news because it does seem unreasonable, as the Federal Court found, to go after veiled oaths when citizenship judges’ marching orders stipulate they should allow “the greatest possible freedom in the religious solemnization or the solemn affirmation .” It does seem unreasonable for Mr.

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Foreign Affairs: Opinion: Kenan Malik: Why Multiculturalism Failed

Foreign Affairs: Opinion: Kenan Malik: Why Multiculturalism Failed

The Far-Left both in America and Europe put down America as being this country of racial and ethnic discrimination where the majority population is always putting down racial and ethnic minorities. 472 more words

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