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Did German/Austrian Jews assimilate to multiculturalism?

I have just finished reading a classic work by Peter G. J. Pulzer, The Rise of Political Anti-Semitism in Germany and Austria (1964), focusing on the late 19th C. 796 more words


Curvy Metalhead Show Exclusive: Interview With Sulinh Lafontaine

Sulinh was so amazing to talk to! I know she will help me with my fashion sense in the future! Check out this very interesting about how she became the success that she is today: 40 more words

Let's Talk About Race

I really wish my mother had talked to me about race…

All she ever said was when I was older is  “Scotland isn’t as racist as the United States” <~ 1,015 more words

More immigrants coming to Nova Scotia than at any time in the last 10 years, government says

The numbers are still small compared both the provincial population (900,000) and to overall immigration levels (around 250,000):

But the trend hasn’t been a straight line of steady growth.

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The Swedish Information War

If a Swede solely consumes and and blindly accept the mainstream medias narrative he will quickly pick up on which thoughts are acceptable to vocalize and which are not. 1,518 more words


Too, Black

It always stars with the question, first in the eyes, hesitating on the way to the lips but determined to come out:  what are you?  Every mixed race person say amen.   1,891 more words

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