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Kenney defends communism monument after poll shows public opposition

Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney is standing firm in the face of public and political opposition to the Conservative government’s planned national monument to communism’s victims near the Supreme Court of Canada. 476 more words

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Haram Christmas Y'all

The curious inversion of the very instinct for self-preservation is counter-intuitive to most men and all virtually all other species on the planet. All animals show some obligation to their own. 147 more words


Tolerance: The Left's Golden Calf

The Idol at which the Left abases itself is Tolerance. The rights of minorities MUST be observed, at any cost, by their measure is constantly raised in solemn chants during parades of protests, in meetings where opposition to others must be heard and of course in the indoctrinational classrooms of the so called institutes of higher learning. 109 more words


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It is Political Correctness.
We could call James Earl Carter

But not Barack Obama



And So it Goes...#647

Scandal  ? Schmandal ! The Politcal Class , the Civil Service – those faithful retainers of our Oxbridge educated ,Metropolitan domiciled Ruling Elites sure know how to look after one of their own. 176 more words

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Expats Find Brazil's Reputation For Race-Blindness Is Undone By Reality

Not really new but nevertheless good examples:

There is a joke among Brazilians that a Brazilian passport is the most coveted on the black market because no matter what your background — Asian, African or European — you can fit in here.

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You Cannot Love Your Own People and Be Multicultural

Here’s a question to think about: 

Is it possible to appreciate and love your culture and be multicultural at the same time?

I for one think it is utterly impossible to adhere to both. 564 more words