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Mosaic Festival 2015

If you don’t have anything planned for today, head to City Square in the CBD for the 2015 Mosaic Festival. Run by the Victorian Immigrant & Refugee Women’s Coalition (VIRWC), the festival celebrates our cultural diversity and encourages the participation of the whole community. 119 more words


Joe Columbo, the Mafia and ethnically-based politics

Organized crime boss Joseph Anthony Colombo Sr. in 1971.

By Sean Matgamna (2006; very minor changes and additions made by JD, April 2015):

The story of Joe Columbo, the Mafia boss who briefly turned ethnic politician, is one of the most frightening stories I’ve come across. 1,269 more words

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Blair urges officers to reach across cultural divisions in parting words as police chief

Despite all the controversies (G20, carding etc), good parting words on inclusion:

In his parting words as police chief, Bill Blair asked officers to reach across cultural divisions – including, perhaps, those that separate them from civilians.

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Harper government back in the middle of historic Turkey-Armenia dispute

Not an easy issue to stickhandle, given the Harper government’s strong public profile on the Armenian genocide. However, a full minister vs a junior minister sends the signal: 207 more words