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The Little Old Lady Who Broke All the Rules, by Catharina Ingelman Sundberg (2012, 2014)

A group of five elderly folk rebel against the restrictions and cost-cutting measures imposed on them in the retirement home, and decide to embark on a life of crime. 291 more words


WWW: The First Female Hip Hop Artist from Oaxaca, Mare Advertencia Lirika

Continuing along with our theme of the merger between women’s rights and poetry in Latin America, we have an amazing video resource to share today.  Unlike past examples, however, today’s post will focus on a present day, female, indigenous hip hop artist from southern Mexico and an amazing video that comes with English subtitles so the entire class can appreciate the poetic lyricism of her call for human rights, women’s rights, indigenous rights, and a greater social consciousness.  442 more words

World Wide Web

Multicultural kids? Help them see all the benefits! - for Easy Expat

Expat parents already have quite a lot to worry about when it comes to their kids – new friends, new country, new language. At the same time, you don’t want your kids to forget where they are coming from as well. 288 more words


Interview with Percival Constantine -- Vanguard

Born and raised in the Chicagoland area, Percival Constantine grew up on a fairly consistent diet of superhero comics, action movies, video games, and TV shows. 1,638 more words


The International Selfie Project!

After I got accepted by the Moroccan Agency of International Cooperation to pursue my studies in Morocco, I had the opportunity to live in Rabat the capital city, in the International dorm provided with the scholarship. 1,864 more words


MULTIPLICATION & A Multi-site "Alliance" Model ... That Creates Unity in Diversity!

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel:  One of my students found an excellent example of a church that employs:

1)   multiple worship venues for evangelistic diversity in worship, 290 more words


Saving College Campuses From Islamists

Frontpage, by Noah Beck, April 20, 2015:

Every democracy must defend itself against those who exploit its liberties to destroy it from within. The West must realize that naïvely open societies are the meals of plotting wolves, and totalitarian ideologies will exploit every freedom and benefit of the doubt that they are given. 1,145 more words

Counter Jihad Report

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The Muslim Brotherhood was able to do this by having unlimited money in the for of Oil Dollars coming back into the country to support Muslim causes and much of it was spent on contributions to politicians in both parties. Unless that money is purged from the system it will be almost impossible to stop the Islamic take over or America.. .