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The Prospector

The wind whipped his beard and the blowing sand stung his sun and wind leathered face as he kneeled down and picked up the rock. He looked see if it had the right color, a trace of a vein, a fleck of gold, anything to give him hope. 382 more words


The GC

The Grand Canyon is something you must see, no matter who you are or where you live. You simply must venture to Arizona and see this wonder of the world. 139 more words


Mule Mug

This Moscow Mule Copper Mug is My Kitchen Concepts version of a Mule Mug.  It is classically copper, holds 16 ounces and sturdy with a thumb rest on the top of the handle.  70 more words

Product Review

Squares In The Circle: Square Heels Are Back!

In a hip-hop inspired culture where clever innuendo’s both amuse and influence the actions of consumers, one cannot help but to reference the metaphor, “keep those squares out your circle” while previewing footwear trends of 2015. 186 more words

Something beginning with C.

Passionfruit came my way this week and as I sliced into the first one, reaching for a teaspoon to scrape out the gooey insides, my taste buds were gearing up for the tarty-sweet-tangy explosion to take  me back to being a kid,  hopping the fence into next doors’ yard when no-one was looking to grab some of these big golden orbs from the vine hanging on the white lattice fence. 564 more words