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I Am A Princess

At some point, the idea of being a princess became a negative thing. The word “princess” became synonymous with needing to be rescued by a prince and needing servants/slaves to boss around. 266 more words

57/365 Blooms In Adversity

“The flower that blooms in adversity, is the most rare and beautiful of all.”
~ Disney’s Mulan


Princesses Need Friends Too: The Problematic Lack of Positive Female Interactions (and Friends) in Disney Princess Movies

Disney only has two sets of female friendship in the Disney princess movies. I repeat: only two sets of female friends. That’s really, really bad. Come to think of it, Disney Princess movies in general are lacking in positive female interactions. 2,083 more words


My Songs: A Girl Worth Fighting For (Parody)

I really enjoy writing parodies, though I do not write them as often as I write originals.  This is one of my favorites actually.   The original song of course talks about hoping for a girl worth fighting for and I had this thought one day, “I wonder if I am a girl worth fighting for and what kind of girl I want to be.”  Thus this parody was written. 289 more words


The Princess Awards

I have a love-hate relationship with garage sales.

Firstly, they are so weird. Like, hey, let’s sell our junk so we can buy more junk! On the other hand, garage sales involve awesome, somewhat random items at a discounted price—a… 361 more words

Garage Sales

Mulan (1998) Review: Living is Tough

Women are slowly gaining momentum but progress is very difficult when change hasn’t yet occurred. Women characters are having a hard time right now too. As collective writers I don’t see a full range of women being portrayed properly. 749 more words