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Thank God It's Over

I thank whatever gods there be that it is over. Christmas vacation, I mean. I have nothing against Christmas, it’s the long vacation I’m not happy with. 613 more words

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Christmas Sale Was a Success

Well it’s official. The final count is in and the Christmas Pottery Sale at Windward Community College was the best ever. The 2-day sale netted more than $14,000. 683 more words

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A Mud Puddle Christmas

What can  I say? It’s ben a busy week in the mud puddle. The kilns are firing full blast and the shelves are full of things waiting to be fired. 481 more words

Mud Stuff

Muddy, Muddier, Muddiest

Well, here it is Sunday again, Mud Puddle report day. Funny how that day comes around every week.

Just because I don’t have a lot of exciting pictures to show doesn’t mean I haven’t been getting muddy, maybe even a little muddier. 805 more words

Mud Stuff

More Mud Puddle Fun

Well, here it is Sunday, Mud Puddle report day.

It’s been a good week. Let me just say that all the bisque kilns and the high-fire kilns are running full blast with the students hoping to get a lot ready for the Christmas Pottery Sale at Windward Community College which this year is on Friday and Saturday, December 12 & 13. 745 more words

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Muddied Hands and Muddy Thoughts

It’s been an interesting week in the mud puddle. Sometimes things just don’t go the way you hope, or think they will, and you just have to lean back and laugh. 970 more words


More Fun Than ...

As I said in the “About” page of this blog, “Mud! I have always loved mud. As a child there was nothing more fun than taking off my shoes and stomping in the mud; making it splash on someone else, and feeling it ooze between my toes. 778 more words

Mud Stuff