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Domino Effect

My favorite dialogue scene from the text is the dialogue exchanged between Beatrice and Benedick in the church after Claudio and Hero’s failed wedding. This is my favorite scene because it shows how little false information is needed to change everything. 138 more words


Film vs. Film -- Benedick vs. Beatrice

The scenes in which Beatrice calls Benedick the “Jester” of Don Pedro are both very similar. With somehow managing to incorporate the out dated masked parties of the 1800’s, Joss Whedon is able to easily and naturally portray masked parties in modern day. 137 more words

Masked love

“Why, he is the prince’s jester: a very dull fool;
only his gift is in devising impossible slanders:
none but libertines delight in him; and the… 160 more words

The Vintage Future

In Shakespeare’s play, Much Ado about Nothing, it’s clear to see that the heart and soul of the play lies within the comedic wordplay of Beatrice and Benedict. 141 more words

"Kill Claudio"

“Kill Claudio” is a phrase that should surprise many people. After seeing it in the text, I was shocked, but I was even more shocked when we get to see the movie. 125 more words


Love Conquers All

“At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet” – Plato

My favorite dialogue scene in Much Ado About Nothing is the scene where Benedick rehearses a love poem he wrote for Beatrice. 217 more words


Which Version is Better?

In the book we see how Beatrice and benedict react to seeing each other for the first time in the play. In the movie a much similar except Beatrice and Benedict are alone when they have their conversation in private with no one around. 85 more words