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In Closing: No End In Site

It’s been almost a year since my first day of medical school, and this first year, “MS1”, is finally coming to a close. Writing as a form of procrastination, I’m staring in the face of my last final and will fly to India the following day, where I will spend three weeks working with the widows and women of rural Andhra Pradesh on feminine hygiene. 461 more words

AS Media - This Girl Can campaign

Get your freak on representation fans with this guide to everyone’s favourite campaign that challenges stereotypical representations of gender set to a rocking non-diegetic soundtrack of sizzling beats. I’m knackered.

AS Media - Hip in a Hijab Extract

Extract from the 2015 Radio 4 documentary ‘Hip in a Hijab’. Doubtful that ethnicity will come up as a question this time (it was on last year’s paper), but this is good for audience and could also be used for representation of issues.

AS Media - Representation of Age

Totally unembellished reminder of three texts used for age this year.

Farmers' Market Seafood trip!

I’ve always loved food. I find that the saying: “the key to a man’s heart is his stomach” to be true, at least in my case. 596 more words


Coffee Naps.

I am an advocate of the coffee nap.

The science behind (as the sophisticated second year med student that pretends to know stuff) is pretty solid: take the 20 minutes that caffeine takes to distribute and nap, which clears out the adenosine that’s been building up all day so you are ultra fresh when the jolt wakes you up. 253 more words

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