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Farmers' Market Seafood trip!

I’ve always loved food. I find that the saying: “the key to a man’s heart is his stomach” to be true, at least in my case. 596 more words


Coffee Naps.

I am an advocate of the coffee nap.

The science behind (as the sophisticated second year med student that pretends to know stuff) is pretty solid: take the 20 minutes that caffeine takes to distribute and nap, which clears out the adenosine that’s been building up all day so you are ultra fresh when the jolt wakes you up. 253 more words

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A chance to breathe.

Good news: 

  • It’s Spring Break!
  • I made it past Block 3! This is apparently the toughest block so I am very pleased to say I passed.
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I haven’t written in a while – not because I don’t want to, but because I’m so busy either 1) working or 2) freaking out. 452 more words

Medical School

Learning moves outside the lecture hall

Beth Seagraves Brooke, MS1

Along with a systems-focused curriculum, this semester brings new learning experiences. Though most days are still spent in our lecture hall, we now have days when we learn outside the classroom. 375 more words

Student Life

Stuff I Like From 2014

Magpul MS1 slings: The MS1 got rid of my complaints about Magpul slings (unwanted single point hardware & open loop adjuster) and combined it with a smooth sliding adjuster, a soft and non binding nylon strap, and a reasonable price. 211 more words

Scattered Shots

Lo Bueno, Lo Malo, y Lo Feo

It’s been almost two months since my last post. This was sorta intentional and sort of not. Life gets in the way when you’re trying to make plans and all that jazz. 1,404 more words

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