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La nieve en Alemania

La verdad es que la nieve en Alemania es igual que la nieve en cualquier país. No tiene ninguna particularidad, y es igual de blanca y brillante, pero hoy les quiero contar algunas cosas que hay que hacer aquí con respecto a la nieve. 643 more words


Let's Talk About Psych Meds

I’ve had the same primary care doctor since my first panic attack. She has been wonderful and always helps me find solutions to my anxiety. She had always given me Xanax for an “as needed basis” and quite frankly, she always thought my usage was less than it should be. 538 more words


Through my eyes

- Optic Neuritis -

For a lot of people Optic Neuritis is their intro to MS.  Eye pain, loss of color and blurry vision.  What happens is the Optic Nerve gets inflamed, and the inflammation prevents the nerves from transmitting the visual information to the brain.   184 more words


Step into Spring - my new season shoe wish list

Our Mum came over to visit earlier this week. For me, not only did that mean that my windows got a good clean (no more baby fingerprints up to knee height!), but I was more importantly able to peruse the local shops whilst she kept the children entertained and occupied. 345 more words


Health and well being and all things in between

I’ve always tried to be as healthy as I can be. My theory was that my family didn’t have the best genetics what with heart diease, stroke and cancer being pretty prominent in most generations. 395 more words


In progress

In 2009, some time after the 5K meltdown, I found myself alone. Not in the literal sense but also in every single sense. In the present day it is so easy for me to look at these physical manifestations of my feelings and flip them over- I was not making myself sick by being depressed, I was unable to climb out because it was so much more. 634 more words