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Mind cloning: Imagining the brain at the 10 micron scale with subcellular resolution MRI

March 25, 2015

The brain’s connectivity matrix, or netlist if you will, is something that neuroscientists are still scratching their heads about. Some of them have already put their money where their mouth is and embarked on massive ‘connectome’ projects. 759 more words


Fathers First

I am creating the hash tag #FathersFirst, and here is the mission statement:

We, in the west, are currently living in a matriarchal system. Most single parents are mothers. 355 more words

This Woman Really Sucks.

We all know that the “wage gape” amongst the sexes is total bullshit, and I may even recall that I am going to stop talking about it. 534 more words

Men's Rights

I'm Still A Feminist

Yesterday I made some very critical remarks, mostly directed at feminism.  There seemed to be some confusion as to my convictions, so I would like to clarify them. 481 more words

Why Feminized Societies Will Fall.

Essentially, a Female Imperative is far too exclusionary to permit sufficient cohesiveness.

Women working is detrimental to society and sex relations. In an experiment, an American teacher who was once in China teaching had conducted some sociological experiments in China. 663 more words

Men's Rights

Sorry, People. This Person Is Pissing Me Off.

Again, I have another response. And if this respondent persists, I will ban her from responding.

> If your thinking is normal, God help the human race! 411 more words

Men's Rights

Why The Mens Rights Movement Will Not Succeed - part 2

This is part two of https://razorbladekandy.wordpress.com/2015/03/01/why-the-mens-rights-movement-will-not-succeed/

This is a transcript for the following video:

I want to continue with the theme of my video Why The Mens Rights Movement Will Not Succeed. 5,856 more words