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Drink With Abandon, And Without Fear Of Hangovers

A world stripped of hangovers is a tipsier, happier place. But most rumored cures for the next-day headache (greasy food, a spoonful of honey, vitamin B) are insufficiently comforting to the party animal looking to drink her face off. 73 more words


Mad Max: Fury Road feminist propaganda? Only to bullies

When I was six, a seven-year-old named Alex punched me in the stomach because he didn’t want me to use the slide he was on. I went black-eyed, I re-adjusted my snowsuit, and I made my way to the on-duty teacher. 511 more words


Check Out This False Rape Accusation!

Fist off, this is cited on these three sources.

Now that has been said, let us discuss it.

Apparently, there were thirteen girls that made a false accusation of rape leveled on Tyler Kost, who was nineteen years old and had lived in Phoenix, Arizona. 686 more words

Men's Rights

Apostasy Now Ep 37: Dean Esmay - Another Good Man Often Called A Bad Guy

This episode I speak with Dean Esmay, Managing Editor of A Voice for Men, about issues revolving around misconceptions of men, masculinity, and how skepticism finds value when it is most difficult to apply. 240 more words

Apostasy Now Podcast

The War Between Feminism And Masculinity.

There has been a war within our modern culture. It is a war between feminists and masculinity. Only recently have the forces of masculinity even took notice of what men have lost. 616 more words

Men's Rights

Why Have Men Been Demonized?

Now, I have probably said this sort of thing before in this weblog, but we all know that once upon a time, men were honored for being men. 797 more words

Men's Rights

[Part 4 of 4]

This is purely background,

unbiased and solely for your benefit.

It’s for me too though, else I wouldn’t do it.

But it’s my hope viewers will enjoy it. 62 more words