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April 25, 2012


Weekly #MCM

I know I should be proud of my celebrity crushes, but a lot of times I get, “Really? Him? Why..?” So, naturally, I get defensive. This is another one of those crushes that people may find odd, but I think he’s sexy – Robert Carlyle. 88 more words


Rumbelle and Captain Swan

                     On Once Upon A Time my favorite couple is Belle and Rumplestiltskin

I was Rumbelle all the way except lately I been shipping Belle and Rumple less, Which makes me feel guilty for some reason lol I mean I liked those two ever since the 1st Season! 273 more words

Beauty And The Beast

Who we are versus who we used to be

Just a warning that the below post contains spoilers for the latest episode of Once Upon A Time. 146 more words


Can we get some character growth?

I am currently caught up on Once Upon a Time. I want Belle to find out that Rumple has been lying to her because at this point it looks like they should just get a divorce. 303 more words

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