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Photo a day - Day 137/365

So I have a lot of funny and “crazy (in a good way)” friends, but there is this one particular friend that I’ve met in Sweden that kind of set the bar quite high when it comes to craziness :D. 93 more words

Photo A Day (365)

'Jay-Z' by Mr.B

A new one by the master of Chap-Hop –  Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer.

You can check his website here.


Still in love with you



唯一永遠不改變 是不停地改變
我不像從前的自己 你也有點不像你

但在我眼中你的笑 依然的美麗

我依然愛你 或許是 命中注定
多年之後 任何人都無法代替

那些時光 是我這一輩子最美好的
那些回憶 依然無法忘記

你每個呼吸 每個動作 每個表情
都刻在我心裡 夢裡 揮之不去

Mr. B

The Inner Life of Characters in Classic Early Novels - Some Musings on Rinaldo Rinaldini and Richardson

Recently, I did some reading, and re-reading of several ‘classic’ novels of varying merit – Joseph Conrad – brilliant, though not to be judged taking into account the awful racist assumptions of his times – Elizabeth Gaskell – generally very good, sometimes brilliant, often uneven, Christian Auguste Vulpius – an early groundbreaking novelist, melodramatic beyond belief, but certainly capable of delivering a stirring read, often of the So Bad It’s Good Variety and also Charles Garvice – vastly inferior to them all, generally purely terrible, though occasionally stirred into delivering a decent passage or two. 2,038 more words


The past can only stay in the past

<從前從前  有個人愛你很久>


是不是因為我們這些年來雖然不常聯繫  但是卻始終沒斷了聯繫?

就連看著你不存在的拍貼都能想到其實那天你是在的  只是那張是只有女生一起而已

記得當初有人對我說  他說  看著B先生看你的眼神  就能知道他真的好喜歡你


因為我會想起你   因為你總會提醒


經過了這麼多年  你還在我心裡  不曾離去

想起你  想起那些已經遠去卻快樂的曾經


Mr. B

Mr B showing the way

Mr Brooks very sportingly sent me a link to this little video production courtesy of Kev D.

Huge Kudos, applause and epic win for Kev! Shows what you can accomplish with an increase in frame rate (and birdsong to build the tension) but to be fair – Mr “Emperor of Caesar’s Camp” B did nail the jump! 61 more words

Getting Ready For Morzine Les Gets

Mr. B's Recovery

by Carter Milom (6th grade) and Jett Johnson (7th grade)

It started on March 27 when Mr.B (Mr. Josh Barnett) went to a doctor’s appointment. While he was there the doctors discovered a tumor on his pituitary gland. 192 more words

Student Life