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Settling In

Moving is finally done, keys to the apartment have been returned, and now it’s time to settle into the new home. A few projects have already been undertaken and completed with a long list of others to follow. 473 more words


March 30, 2015 at 08:32PM

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My thought process is something akin to a car going 100 mph with faulty brakes.

Eight months have passed since my last update frankly because I like to get drunk and forget I start blogs about myself. 84 more words


alf. i never would have imagined that a harmless facebook post with this fuzzy little alien’s mug on it, would trigger so many memories. although the show was cancelled 25 years ago and i only watched it a handful of times, i always liked alf because his voice was funny, he was quick-witted and obsessed with cats, and his cute little face reminded me of a dog we had when i was little.  361 more words


Big changes happening

Well it looks like our time here in our small but lovely little town is over. We are moving, and not just down the road or to another house but clear across the freakin state and 3 more after that ! 290 more words

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What I did on my kid's spring break

We’re getting our St. Louis house ready to go on the market. It’s been a lot of work, and Alex volunteered to spend his (and his girlfriend’s!) spring break moving stuff to storage. 288 more words