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Time To Relocate

Okay, I still have about 5 months left until things really get going, but I just HAVE to write about it!

I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from the Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston this August. 2,376 more words

Death Valley's Amazing Sliding Rocks- Caught on Video!

Video showing actual movement of the famous sliding rocks at Death Valley’s Racetrack Playa in California.

Desert Southwest

Another big move

Stefan, our brother-in-law BJ and our friend James moved our antique piano out of our house today. This piano is amazing. It’s a family heirloom; David’s ancestor’s brought it over by… 238 more words


I could hide a body in there...

So I’m in full moving mode. And vacation mode which is incredibly confusing because I have so much to do for both and it’s rough keeping everything organized. 413 more words


im home and i should be out.

its jons last night here and hes spending the night, he says. then he forgot he had beer planned with friends at 9 30 so i was supposed to go to that. 137 more words


A New Place to Live

After eight months, it has finally happened.  We have moved into our new apartment.  When we first applied for these apartments it was June of last year.   184 more words

Life In Coloeado

Life Update: A Wild JOB Appears!

Once again, I run out of specific songs I want to show you on a given story without divulging Serious Business. I have many other songs, some of which apply to in-between sections of previous stories, some of which apply tangentially to previous stories, and some which have nothing to do with my own novels. 142 more words