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top 10 tips for moving to London

I’m feeling a bit dirty even writing the words ‘top 10 tips’, but since people have zero attention spans nowadays it seems like the best solution. 1,968 more words


London or Not London? About Fear of Moving Away

Hello, Internet,
as I mentioned some posts ago, I’m supposed to move to London at the beginning of July. On the last weeks I’ve joined Facebook groups, read a lot of blog posts about what to do, how to find a job, do the NIN, etc, to basically organise myself, write a nice and detailed list of everything I need, like the control freak I am, and be ready to everything I have to deal with once arrived. 297 more words


London, London, London..

Oh London, what have you done to me?

Where has the time gone?

Breanna here. It has been almost 5 months since I arrived in this wondrous city. 949 more words


Planning a home in London & resource list

This week I realised I had to start planning what I was going to need to buy once I got to London. This soon devolved into a huge excel spreadsheet full of necessary and not-so-necessary household items. 295 more words


2 Months!

It’s not long now until I leave, 2 months to the day! I’m not going straight to the UK though, I got a good deal with my flights that offered a bunch of free stopovers I decided to take advantage of. 214 more words


London is like everything you ever imagined and like nothing you've ever seen.

I’ve experience so much of London already, it’s hard to believe I’ve been here less than two weeks. I want to capture how the city makes me feel, how in awe I am of the surroundings and how strange & different things are, before they become the ‘norm’ and I don’t notice them anymore. 996 more words


I'm a super-tourist!

Five days ago I touched down in London town! And when I say touched down I mean we landed on the tarmac with great relief after the longest flight of my life. 627 more words