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My life, right now
is all mixed up,
anxiety, trouble,
I think I might have,
had enough —
But am I one to run
when things start to get rough? 132 more words

The Flame still burns

One of my most favorite songs. (not the crappy but sadly acoustic version of it By Foreigner but the version from Strange Fruit sung by Jimmy Nail). 220 more words



We change. We grow. We have to.

Love Will Break You. 

One of the best thing that could happen to us is falling in love. Because knowing that someone is there for you through your ups and your downs would make you feel stronger. 399 more words


Airing and De-Isolating

My deepest apologies for the countless grammatical and spelling errors in the previous post. But I will still leave it as it is. Just because it reminds me of my incoherence in times of distress. 1,086 more words

The Weekend Quote #1

(stay to the end of this post for a few notices)

Life has been crazy recently consisting of a mix of school, homework, friends, family, outings and a junk load of more stuff. 180 more words


Saturday. I feel much better today. Could it be the spring? I hope so! It’s still very cold here. Sunny today, or better said, sunny for now. 178 more words


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