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Don't Think Twice, It's Alright.

God, it has been forever since I’ve written anything. So far this blog as been strictly cheese, and it probably would have continued to be that way if things in my life hadn’t changed two months ago, and I feel like I’m finally ready to write about it. 389 more words

Why Doesn't She Leave?

Sitting in church this morning, listening to the Pastor speak on the topic of “Married People”, I realized yet another reason that women don’t leave. 406 more words

Divorce And Emotional Abuse

Domestic Violence thru the eyes of a child *I'm a Domestic Violence Survivor*

Witnessing my mother beat down emotionally and physically everyday created chaos in my young mind. A tornado burned a hole in my heart. I couldn’t understand the feelings of pain when abused and watching abuse. 66 more words


For Sale

I’ve been up since 7AM mowing the lawn, scrubbing the house, packing stuff up, taking pictures of each room and the outside of the house, and preparing items for sale. 596 more words

500 Word Challenge

Losing A Part Of Me

There is a part of me that seems lost somewhere, unable to find its way back to me.

Hopelessly I try to search for it but don’t know where to start looking! 68 more words

Being Honest

Dear B

I will not send this letter. I’m just processing.

Dear B,

You say that you don’t regret our relationship. That you wouldn’t give back a moment of that time. 1,699 more words


I will endeavor to look at your feeble eyes without melting, to walk side-by-side without longing to hold your hand, and to see another sunrise together without feeling anything.

36 more words