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All I need is one

With one glance, I felt my heart skip a beat. With one smile, I heard my blood pounding in my veins. With one kiss, I tasted the most bittersweet poison that I yearned for. 12 more words


Just a little about me

So I’ve been sick the past couple of days and I haven’t had any time to either do anything interesting or thing about anything worth writing down. 408 more words

The excuses we tell ourselves

What excuses do we tell ourselves with our eating? We make these excuses to make ourselves feel better about how we can just skip a meal or just binge to hide our feelings and then purge to make the situation ‘right’. 404 more words


You have no friends.

Everyone has a moment in life…

I’m sorry. That was almost a lie. You’re going to have this moment hundreds of times in your life. 723 more words

Random Posts



  Today went surprisingly well, I was finally beginning to take my mind off “Maverick” and focus on different things, with the help of my ex… No sex involved!  203 more words

Breaking Up

Goodbye Lover


There’s something I need to tell you,

I had a vision and in my vision we were the happiest couple ever.

In my vision we didn’t have eyes for anyone, but each other. 278 more words


I’m Not Ready To See You

There’s a picture on my phone of you, hidden among all of the discarded selfies and screenshots of inappropriate Tinder conversations. You were at work at I was Snapchatting my friends and you asked what I was doing. 901 more words