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The Rooms In My Head


The rooms in my head are full.

filled with the pounding of my heart,

and the pain of yesterday.

And they are empty,

without beds or sofas, 54 more words

Breaking Up

Thank you!

This song is on my top ten, thank YOU <3

“…And what if I’ve always been good enough in my skin….”

Life As It Is

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I got this song from a close friend today, it reminded me of who I want to be <3

Hanging In There

It is now 4 days and 1/2 that I’m smoke free and I’m not having a good day. Surprisingly, I have absolutely no cravings and seemingly no side effects or withdrawl symptoms. 113 more words

Rays of hope

Rays of sun.

Rays of light.

Today I woke up with rays of hope in my heart.

Nothing has truly changed.

I just felt hopeful. 205 more words

Life As It Is

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Step back in time...

Can you go back? Is it worth the risk of time travel to attempt to reclaim a lost connection?

I’ve had a lot of crushes in my life. 485 more words

Rants And Rambles

Moving on.

Last night was the first time I’ve been out with my friends. I felt so relieved seeing all of them. As if was we were always been together everyday. 239 more words

An Air Mattress and a Card Table is All You Need

Success! I found a tenant to rent my house! After about a month searching, I signed a lease today with a lovely family who will move in next week. 303 more words