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Rays of hope

Rays of sun.

Rays of light.

Today I woke up with rays of hope in my heart.

Nothing has truly changed.

I just felt hopeful. 205 more words

Life As It Is

Getting Past Fear of Change

A friend wrote to me last evening, as I was writing up this post: “Your life path seems so logical to anyone who knows you and has seen your progression but sounds like such a jolt to anyone who doesn’t!” … 924 more words

Overall Dreams

I've had better days!

What A Difference A Day Made – Aretha Franklin

Today was one of those days! Just small things: our bass player quit, I had someone basically copy some writing I had done (maybe in a strange way it’s a sort of complement?) and it’s the day… 299 more words

Moving Forward

Real Friends Release 'Moving Forward' Documentary

Real Friends have released a documentary called ‘Moving Forward’. Check it out here.


Praying for the one who abused you. Really???

Yes really.

I prayed for my ex today.

Whew that felt weird even to type.  Let me explain.

In my previous blog I wrote about seeing my “husband” in a few weeks. 883 more words

Why You Should Hold Out for What You Really Want

If you’re waiting for something you really want, stay the course. The best rewards are the ones you work for and earn with blood, sweat, and tears. 392 more words

Life Lessons

If Only

Written by Pastor Tim White

 Statisticians say that the average 80 year has said “if only” an average of 24.7 times a day their lifetime. That’s a lot of wasted time.   246 more words