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Whatever You Do For the Least of These

Chances are you’ve seen them as you’ve been driving around Dallas. Maybe you’ve been at an intersection, about to get on a nearby freeway, and you spot some cardboard or a backpack and a sleeping bag roll strategically placed under a bridge or perhaps you’ve even spotted signs of a village consisting of tent roofs nestled out of notice, in the blind spots we generally don’t notice while scurrying about the city. 1,001 more words

Daily Ponderings

Are you graduating?

It’s graduation time here in Georgia. Last night Michael and I forgot that tidbit and ended up at Dominick’s, which was packed with parties of 10, 12 even 20 people- all celebrating a graduating senior. 676 more words

doing me.

“Recovery is acceptance that your life is in shambles and you have to change it.”

I think that my decision to spend the summer at home instead of at school was a wise one, even if it doesn’t seem like it right now.   192 more words

College Rape


Today I feel nostalgic. At this time, one year ago- I was watching my daughter prepare to graduate from High School. There was a Senior Desert Night, Senior Award Night, along with putting all of my effort into making the most perfect graduation party ever. 356 more words


Drunk Monkeys...

In 2005, at one of my creative writing classes, my professor surprised us with an impromptu “open mic” setting. She asked us to pull out the very last thing we had written. 631 more words


Why does God use any of us to accomplish His plan?

I’ve struggled with that one question. The short answer to that question is that God is gracious.  It took me years to believe that God uses sinners and God graciously works his sovereign and holy will through broken, imperfect vessels such as me.  311 more words


6 Adult Children Of Divorce Share What They’ve Learned Along The Way

I have recently begun writing about my experience navigating the murky waters of my parents divorce. One of the ways that I have been learning about the situation I find myself in has been to reach out to my friends, and to find support from others who have also gone through all of the confusing emotions, guilt, sadness, and discomfort that comes with being an adult when your parents split up. 1,721 more words