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We Almost Spokane!

For the past two weeks, Justin and I have been living with my parents. We’ve been living with my parents because we were able find someone to take over our lease. 972 more words


The end of an chapter

Stefan and I finished moving the last things out of our old place today. I’m glad to be done – we’d been at it for over a week. 243 more words


The American Dream.

Hey! I’m Essence, and if you’re reading this congrats! you’ve found my blog and are now apart of this journey with me.  I’m eighteen years old, almost nineteen and I’m moving to Los Angeles in a month all by myself! 215 more words


moving across the country

In September i’ll be moving 2,000 miles away, away from my family and friends, starting a new life in a new city. That’s really what this blog will be about, exploring a new state and all it has to offer. 375 more words


Big Life Changes

Well hello! It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but I’ll blame that on the fact that our computer is out of order at the moment. 348 more words


Accessories: Organize them to find them!

Written By Arika Ford

“Don’t just put it down, put it away!” This statement rings true in households throughout the country, my mother used to say it to me, now I say it to my family. 696 more words


Life in Limbo

My house is a wreck. The 4 month old has her first cold. The toddler is cutting molars. The big one is finishing kindergarten this week so there are end of year parties, and promotion ceremonies, and piano lessons, and, oh, yeah, teacher gifts I need to make or buy. 500 more words