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Day Two: Closing Day

I woke up from a festive dream about parading fruit to realize that today is Closing Day. A holiday observed by having the house to myself while Mom and Dad close on the house and the condo, also meaning that around 2:00 today I’ll be in a house owned by someone else. 127 more words


38 things we want to do in Australia

Since we are living in Australia now there are certain things we just want to do, see and experience while we are here. We made ourselves a list of things to do, in random order. 223 more words


How To Import Your Car Into Italy

Foreign nationals who take up residency in Italy (proof of residency must be shown), must register any vehicle that they bring in from abroad within twelve months of becoming an Italian resident. 260 more words


It's Official

I officially have signed a lease for my move to DC. I’m excited and thrilled and terrified all at once. Think of T. Swift’s “22” and that is how I feel in this moment. 212 more words


Lessons in Hoarding

Turns out, I am a hoarder. Of cards especially. Even though I am supposed to be simplifying for my move to the west coast and the obvious option is to throw them away, I don’t know what to do with them. 332 more words

Love Of Words

Throw a rockin’ Fourth of July party your guests will never forget!

Written by Nicole Harrison

The Fourth of July is one of the most anticipated days of the summer. Fireworks, sparklers, hotdogs, swimming, and special time with friends and family are some highlights. 494 more words


Ako som si sťahoval veci

“Krucifix!” vykřikl jsem. “Já tenhle pokoj znám!”

“Patrně jste tady byl s nejakou ženskou.”

“Na lumpárny si vybírám lepší hotely.”

O pár dní sa po piatich rokoch sťahujem z internátu  442 more words

Michal Jenčo