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Chappie is Strange

To say the least, a police robot with Artificial Intelligence, is a novel place to turn a plot upside down. In futuristic metropolitan South Africa the robotic Scouts help police round up the bad guys, lower the murder rate, and humiliate drug dealing Mafia type lords. 719 more words

Family Patterns

Project Almanac

Director:Dean Israelite

Cast: Jonny Weston, Sophia Black D’Elia, Allen Evangelista, Sam Lerner, Virginia Gardner

Running time:120 minutes

Rating: 7.5 stars

On the brink of graduation, an intelligent high school student discovers blueprints for a device in his dad’s old workshop. 111 more words

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Film Review No.364: Sexy Evil Genius

I like film noir. There, I said it. Call me pretentious or a hipster or whatever people call people that like things that are good these days, I don’t care. 1,138 more words

Film Dump

Horns: At Least It Started Out Promising

I was looking forward to watching this movie (directed by Alexandre Aja). I mean, it had an intriguing trailer and Daniel Radcliffe. Of course I wanted to watch it. 681 more words


NPR Movie Review: Two Men in Town

My review of Two Men in Town starring Forest Whitaker is up at NPR.


REVIEW: Scenic Route

Explicitly name-dropping influences within a movie is always a bad idea because it quite literally invites comparisons to the source. And it is an especially ill-advised move if that movie is a classic of the cinema like Martin Scorsese’s “Taxi Driver.” 192 more words

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Movie Review ~ The Drop Box

The Drop Box (not rated)

This Focus on the Family documentary was shown in selected U.S. theatres March 3-5 (and in Canada March 4, 5 and 9). 572 more words

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