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What Really Makes a "Game Changer"

Well, it’s NAB again and you know what that means? It’s the annual release of all the latest “game changers.” They should just call the show “Change-Con” or NAGC (National Association of Game Changers). 728 more words

Thought Provoking

Hands-On with Freefly's MIMIC, Plus their Giant ALTA Drone

No Film School – Freefly continues pushing the gimbal market with their intuitive MIMIC system (no more joystick!) for controlling the MōVI. If that wasn’t enough, they put an Alexa on a drone that flies for 15 minutes at a time.



(*no spoilers*)

OMG so I got to go to the midnight premiere of Insurgent (based on a book by Veronica Roth). I thought the movie was a good (omg Theo James though) but it was pretty different from the book (from what I remember). 743 more words


Jabber Video (Movi) is coming to an end!

The end of an era feels like a suitable thing to say about it. Cisco sent out an email a few weeks ago informing users of the free Jabber Video service that they are shutting it down on may 16th 2015. 242 more words


Chasing Canguro

It was an early start down at Palmie boat ramp to help shoot the final footage for the doco teaser that is Chasing Canguro. If you haven’t heard about this awesome and ambitious water skiing challenge then check out  119 more words

Recomendadíssimo Vinho Branco Chileno na casa dos R$65: Tunquen Sauvignon Blanc 2012 #CBE

Hoje reproduzo post veiculado pelo Gil Mesquita no Blog Vinho para Todos, do Brasil. Tenho que dizer que adorei….Obrigada Gil pela ajuda ao traduzir o espírito MOVI!! 605 more words


Check Out This Film Reel From ANTIMEDIA - Norwegian Production Company

Sick film reel from ANTIMEDIA.  When a production team, especially one with a concentration on action sports, wants to put its best foot forward visually, its a safe bet the results are worth a watch.   9 more words