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How many kinds of T-cell receptors are known? Is it just alpha/beta and gamma/delta?

Answer by Tirumalai Kamala:

All vertebrates examined thus far have two kinds of T cell lineages, expressing either the alpha/beta (ab) or the gamma/delta (gd) T cell receptor (TCR). 2,102 more words

T Cells

Mice Meeting

Above you can see two mice of my half-brother. We took the photo last summer when we did let them play on the lawn. We had to be very careful that they don’t run away. 57 more words


Happy As A Fool :)

Today was a good day! Even though  the weather is not the most pleasant one.. So the day started very nice – I woke up and realized that today we work from 8:30 -13:00. 175 more words


Muhaavare Evam Lokoktiyaan #3

Nau Sau Chuhe Khaake Billi Haj Ko Chali: After eating 900 mice, the cat goes on a religious pilgrimage to Mecca. To do something hypocritically holier-than-thou, e.g. 58 more words


The one with Zofia's rats. Exciting announcement!

So today I have a day off, chilling, relaxing, eating, watching House of Cards. And then… I’ve heard a noise coming from my kitchen. At first I thought it’s probably just someone doing some works outside my window, but when the noise got louder I decided to check on it, just in case. 267 more words


Fabric Animals

These stuffed animals are made with various 100% cotton fabrics. They are 12-14 inches tall and stuffed with polyester filling. They have machine-stitched felt details and have no small plastic parts. 26 more words

Fabric Animals