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Vesuvius and Pompeii

I booked a tour with City Wonders to take us down to Naples so we could climb Mt Vesuvius, and then do a tour of Pompeii. 427 more words

Mount Vesuvius

Eerie Mount Vesuvius from Pompeii. The infamous volcano erupted in 79 AD, burying and killing the 11,000 inhabitants under nearly 20 feet of ash in a matter of hours.



Some of my favorite few memories from high school are of Latin class and while I wish I could remember more of what I learned in terms of the language, the history has always been fascinating.   310 more words



A Summary of my Family’s trip to Naples, Italy in 2010. Photos, stories, and bucket list successes 1,792 more words


Pompeii - Noodle For Your Noggin

As I walked down the streets of Pompeii, I was enlightened of its enthralling history. In 79AD, this ancient Roman town-city, along with many villas surrounding the area, suffered the deadly eruption of Mount Vesuvius. 66 more words

5 Day B&W Challenge #3 ~ A Road in Pompeii

For day three of the ‘5 Day B&W Challenge’, we move on to the ill-fated city of Pompeii. On 24th August 79 AD, some 20,000 people lost their lives when Mount Vesuvius erupted, burying the city and it’s residents under twenty-seven feet of volcanic ash. 183 more words