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Life Journey

I’ve always talked about my culinary journey. How about my life journey ? What leads me to this awesome culinary adventure ? What my life was like before cooking ? 418 more words


Checking in 

I have about two weeks till my next weigh in with my doctor for my 90 day mark . After two weeks of teetering on 180.7 pounds which is about 20 pounds less than when I started, I finally reached 179 ! 169 more words

Couch Surfer vs. Potato 

Well it’s been a few days. . The next few months may add some weight to the health train. Starting now I’ll be living at other people’s houses in a new town with new opportunities. 285 more words


Goodness, starting a business from the ground up is hard! I didn’t think it would be easy, and it will be so worth it in the end, but some days are just really taxing! 397 more words



One of the biggest things I’ve learned in life so far as a twenty something year old (and still learning) is the power the following phrase has: JUST ASK… 376 more words