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Fingerprint Evidence for Our Messiah, Jesus — Part 2

Fingerprint Evidence for Our Messiah, Jesus — Part 2

Lee Strobel

Editor’s Note: Today’s devotion is a continuation from yesterday’s part 1 excerpt from The Case for Christ… 1,641 more words


The Mendicant by Anthony De Mello 

When I think how long I have lived
I am struck by life’s injustice:
others have lived much less
(I think of some I have known), 309 more words

Inspirational Stories

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Luscious Labels are now appearing!

We are expanding our range here at Luscious Cardology…

Introducing Luscious Labels!

We are now able to make labels, stickers or decals ( whatever takes your fancy) in a variety of designs or perhaps we can design something just for you or your business. 140 more words

Luscious Cardology

How robots will eat our jobs


The Google driver-less car

From around 8 am and throughout the day, our avenue is busy with deliveries – vans (mainly white, some liveried) bringing Amazon packages, Ocado deliveries for the posh people up the road or Asda shopping for the students, and much else besides. 2,329 more words

Ideas And Politics

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Here's a fantastic but sobering article about how robots are taking our jobs and how they will eliminate certain positions from the work force by my new friend Gerry. He created an interesting blog entitled "That's How The Light Gets In." Check it out! Paulette L Motzko

Dancing in a Storm ...

So often the storms have come, picking up possessions and people without thought to consequence, tossing them here and there, leaving me to pick up the pieces. 395 more words


Do you have friends who would only ride with you in a fancy car???

Or are they the more special ones who will take a bus ride with you when the fancy car breaks down?

I ride the bus all the time, ever since a near tragic accident that almost took my life, my dreams and everything I worked for. 141 more words


«The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.»

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Don Charisma