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Aim high!

Everyone has an ambition whether it’s to gain a university degree or take over the world! Okay maybe the last one was a little extreme but you get the idea. 228 more words


101 Words of Wisdom Day Fifty-Five: Living in Crisis


If you’re always waiting for everything to be perfect, you’ll never truly live.

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We all feel guilty for the thing we could have done better

We all feel guilty for the thing we could have done better, but we need to let the guilt go and remind ourselves to do better the next time.


Nelson Mandela quotes 1 to 25

  1. In love, unlike politics, caution is not usually a virtue. I was neither confident enough to think I might succeed nor secure enough to bear the sense of failure if I did not.
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Let the good times roll 

“It’s easy to find things to complain about. The question is are you willing to put in the effort to find things to enjoy?” … Susanne…

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