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Mindful-ish Mothering

Slipping in and out of mindful dashing up and down levels of conscious,
I catch myself,
and know that 35 acts of carefully crafted mothering moments are obscured… 273 more words


Dear My Children: I don't want you to always have it easy

I was gonna write about the stuff I have learned since becoming a mom, six years ago last month. And I still want to write that post, in all of its endearing and heartfelt glory. 957 more words

These Are Days

A time for everything....

Thinking about graduation next week has set me thinking , as I have already reflected, on how short a time it seems since I was reading to my little ones – one of which now writes stuff for publication as part of her job and the other who has read, and synthesised, some really complex stuff en route to their degree in recent months ….well that was time well spent! 330 more words

Fudge for everyone! Delicious. Dairy/soy/sugar/gluten free.


An innocuous recipe to follow my previous contentious parenting post. Can’t complain about that right?!!

I’m all about the EASIEST TO MAKE but MOST DELICIOUS FOODS EVER. 200 more words


Putting it Out There

I was quiet about it at first. I was a bit embarrassed over such a personal, belief-soaked essay being out there.

Views on Israel, views on faith. 248 more words


Mommas, listen up!

Good afternoon mommas!  I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday!  The sun is shinning, the sheets are on the line to dry and little miss and I went for a walk. 280 more words

All Natural

A Note to My Daughters about Life and Living

Some days I have to take a break from social media.

The news, the grapevine, the problems, and the constant opinions of others agitates me.  A full diet of social media is information overload and emotions overwhelmed and can leave one vacillating between guilt, anger, and fear with the simple scroll of the mouse. 1,283 more words