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Reflecting on 10 years

Ten years ago today, I gave birth to the first of the two loves of my life.

Z is bright, funny, kind, compassionate, intuitive, and active. 373 more words


a giant ball of trusting.

I’m going to try and muster some coherent thoughts here but I’m warning you, there will be digression. It’s going¬†be difficult for me, seeing as how I have two children now, (Jasper 5, and June almost 4 months) and the majority of my day is spent trying not to drown in a sea of laundry and attempting to wear matching shoes when I leave the house, if indeed I make it out of the house¬†(today I wore two different shoes, and didn’t notice until I got to the store, so. 423 more words



Last week I started physiotherapy treatment at a new clinic. I always feel a sense of dread when going to a new doctor or a new clinic, as if they’re going to find out that I’m lazy and useless by how I write my name. 754 more words

Sometimes there are none

I stand by the kitchen picture window, furiously chopping the cabbage. Laddu clings to my feet, crying piteously. Snot runs from her nose, her lips quiver and eyes are brimming with tears. 294 more words


MY Son

After years of searching, I finally found his birth mother,

now it makes me sad to share him.

Personal Feelings

I am... still here

I am a mother trying to do her best
I wonder if my mother felt this way too
I hear people tell me that I’m not her- that I won’t hurt them like she hurt me… 170 more words

Mental Health

Pottytraining Gives Me Hives

“Me tinky!” Bess brought me a cover adorned with birdhouses, signed the word diaper, and shouted her predicament. She was stinky. At 20 months, she shows many signs of pottytraining readiness. 297 more words

Lessons {of The Mothering Variety}