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Surviving a Mission-Minded Teen

My teenagers seem to love dropping bombs on me while riding in the car.  We’ll just be cruising along, both of us in the front seats, and all it takes is a few silent moments to pass, and out come the confessions: the math exam they flunked, the fact that one of their best friends who wears a purity ring is now sleeping with her boyfriend; the beach trip they’re scheming to take with a group of other 17-year olds that I know for a fact their father will approve…uhhh…. 853 more words


Note From a Dog's "Mom"

When Susan Lilley asked me if I had anything to post on Mother’s Day, I thought about pieces I’ve written about having a miscarriage, having and being a stepmother, parenting my own daughter, and being parented by my daughter in funny, humbling role-reversal moments. 1,387 more words


Staying Connected

There is nothing comparable to the smell of a newborn’s skin, still awash in amnion and vernix, still waxy with protective coating.  It is a timeless brine, pungent with salt and sweetness, instantly magnetizing infant to mother. 174 more words


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Just as true as five years ago. Mothering has been the greatest privilege of my life.

9 Lessons My Mother Taught Me

Despite what Hallmark would lead you to believe, Mother’s Day is not all sunshine and roses for some of us. Even when my mom was alive, I had a hell of a time finding a card for her. 976 more words

Life Musing

Let Mother's Have Their Day.

It seems that Mother’s Day is the yearly time for people to air various opinions about the worthiness of such a day. I have read many articles over the past couple years related to this topic and this is my heartfelt response. 697 more words

Modern Life

In a hushed, reverent tone, he said, "She's a Mom!"

My son, Cole, was mesmerized by fish as a child. So, as a surprise for his fifth birthday, I bought a one-gallon fish tank.  A few hours before his party, I sent my husband to fetch a resident for the tank, and he came back with, “Goldfish.” 643 more words


iPad vs. child

For years now I’ve been exploring, questioning & writing about children & screens, especially around the time of Screen Free Week. Again, Screen Free Week… 1,025 more words