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Yesterday bleeds into today

Yesterday started out well enough. Colm and I awoke together; he sat up in bed and smiled, pointing past me and saying “Daddy, daddy, daddy” 385 more words


Breathing in... Breathing out...

Parenting will call into question virtually everything we think we know, beginning with who we think we are. (We’re not!) Children have an extraordinary talent for breaking apart our roles, demanding again and again that we meet them right in the moment, meet our lives, meet difficulty, moment by moment meet and resolve the extraordinary mystery of ‘the other’.  

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My body is not my own

In the last 4 years, this body has been host to 3 other bodies. 3 times the skin of this belly, these breasts, has stretched to cover an expanding uterus, and ducts swollen with milk. 241 more words


Mother-birthday (Or, these boots were made for carrying, chasing, working, running...)

T was due six years ago today. Today, two weeks before his sixth birthday, I am wearing the same boots that I bought that winter when I was pregnant with him (…when my feet were just a bit wider than they had been previously…). 344 more words


Listen to Your Mother

Driving to my Listen To Your Mother audition last week was like a mini vacation. Driving anywhere, even to the grocery store, without having to dole out Pirate’s Booty and tissues, negotiating radio station wars, and dealing with consecutive bathroom stops, is a treat. 530 more words


Tomas is 11!

The first time I met Tomas I could tell he had been well rehearsed on how to act when meeting his new parents. Of course I was happy to see him but I wanted so badly to know how he was really feeling. 825 more words


A Birthday Redemption

Today, our family is celebrating life.

The wee little life of our 6th baby, Elijah James, who went to be with Jesus when he was still so small. 85 more words