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Tired, yes, but happy too.

We all know that tired feeling. Being a mum often just means being tired. This week I feel like I’ve been running in circles and not getting anywhere, except maybe further into my stupor of tiredness… I think we need to cut ourselves a break; mums are busy people! 1,201 more words


What I would tell my pregnant self

Lots of pregnant women tend to focus on the birth when what you should really be informing yourself on is breastfeeding and how to cope the first month. 474 more words

This time a year ago...

This time last year, I was just finishing up work for maternity leave. It had been a hectic (as always) final few months at work and I remember feeling a mixture of nerves and excitement re what lay ahead. 421 more words

Being Mum

I’m a Female. Do I have to be a Feminist?

I was watching Free Speech on BBC 3, there were four representatives for the Conservatives party being questioned by an audience of young people. Amongst the four representative (to my surprise) was Luisa Zissman, runner up from Sir Alan Sugar’s TV series, The Apprentice (also on BBC, I see a connection), who is known as a business woman and Celebrity Big Brother contestant- Yep the last person I thought would stand on a panel for conservative, back to the point. 840 more words

Quotes And Thought

...a beautiful example... :'}

As I arrived to university this morning, I went looking for the goose family living on the field, as I always do before classes start, since I first discovered them. 257 more words


Midnight realizations,..

It is approximately one in the morning and I’m awake, my baby’s awake and to top it all off, he is sick. Weirdly enough, I am barely beginning to realize that I have underestimated what it was like being a mother. 605 more words


March - a mixed pot of celebration and sadness

March is a month of mixed emotions in our family. A month to celebrate and to mourn. Bittersweet memories intertwined in our minds as our hearts swell with pride and joy, and a few days later shrink at the loss we’ve experienced, before being uplifted in a final lap of appreciation for life. 623 more words