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Perfect Mom=No Such Thing

There is no such thing as a perfect mom.  Every mom does their own “mom” way.    God shapes us the way motherhood sees fit for us. 695 more words

Take Your Kids To Work Day: 2015

Last week was Take Your Kids To Work Day – a holiday that my husband’s place of employment tends to go all out for. We showed up with bells on and did copious amounts of arts and crafts and snacks and photo ops. 59 more words


That Moment When You Realize...

….. That your opportunity to have a 2015 baby has gone just as quickly as it had come. I had high hopes that I would be pregnant and have given birth before the end of this year. 421 more words


Mom Gets a New Badge

So, I know someone who peed her pants in a pet store this week. It was NOT me, just someone I KNOW. Because I would never, ever pee my pants in a pet store or anywhere else. 665 more words

Sick Dude

This one is going to be quick. Lil Dude has been under the weather for the past few days.

One of the worst feelings in the world, as a parent, is the feeling of helplessness that accompanies the illness of your child. 172 more words


You Just Had a Baby

via Where My Heart Resides
Author:  Ashlee Gadd

To: myself, and anyone else who needs to read this.

You just had a baby.

I know your jeans don’t fit. 683 more words


Easy Like Sunday Morning

Apparently all things Sunday are put into a super hashtag called: #SundayFunday

I am more of a “Sunday Bumday” kind of gal… is this a thing? 420 more words