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Now you are one

To my sweet boy,

Last week you turned one. On Thursday night I put my baby, my eleven-month-old, to bed and I woke up with a one-year-old. 430 more words


Breaking News: Babies Cry

I think I’m missing a trick here. Was there some kind of ‘how to keep your baby perfectly happy and quiet all the time’ secret going around in the 60s/70s that nobody has told me about?   583 more words


A Royal Birth

I haven’t blogged for a while now (who knew raising a baby would get in the way of writing about raising a baby!?) but all of the hysteria surrounding the new Royal Baby has got me thinking and prompted a new post. 340 more words


Your First Costco Shop: How to Have Fun and Save $

So, you are ready to take the plunge, pay your $60 membership and change the way you shop forever.  Well, you’d at least like to give it a go. 1,286 more words

Motherhood Musings

Making the Most of your Costco Membership: A Busy Mum's Perspective

With the launch of US super-retailer Costco in Australia, thousands of people are joining the revolution, forking out $60 in annual membership to have the privilege to shop super-sized in the no-frills warehouse.  788 more words

Motherhood Musings

Choosing a Baby Name

Baby names… They are often the first of many choices (and arguments) couples have when they find out they are expecting.

I picked out my baby’s name when I was 16. 393 more words


Megatron Spoken Word by Hollie McNish

If you haven’t already seen this you should have a look. It’s very powerful and thought provoking – especially if you feel conscious of your post-baby body.