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Making the Most of your Costco Membership: A Busy Mum's Perspective

With the launch of US super-retailer Costco in Australia, thousands of people are joining the revolution, forking out $60 in annual membership to have the privilege to shop super-sized in the no-frills warehouse.  788 more words

Motherhood Musings

Traveling light...just me and the baby!

Flying cross country with just me and the baby? That’s practically as easy as traveling alone!

Of course, I didn’t feel that way when my oldest was born… it takes traveling with the whole family, 2 carriages, 3 carseats, 8 carry ons, 6 checked bags, 2 diaper bags, 3 food bags and a few other random pieces to make flying with just the baby seem easy. 1,177 more words

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A piece of my heart is six hours away...

A piece of my heart is six hours away in a lovely campsite, enjoying a week of winter camp. On Monday I exchanged one part of my heart for another – I picked up my son and dropped off my daughter. 857 more words

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Surgeon General, we've got a bone to pick

I’m looking for the Surgeon General. I’m determined to uncover who is this ambiguous being who has the authority to issue ominous warnings and rules on a whim, without ever checking with those it affects. 1,016 more words

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Not all advice is good advice!

I love reading Better Homes and Gardens magazine. I never subscribed to it, but for some reason they keep sending me the issues. I find that it’s a great place to get ideas that never work in real life. 509 more words

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Mommy-type goals

Some days I wake up feeling ambitious and set big goals. Lots of them! Tackle the kids’ closets. Organize the garage. Clear out the laundry room clutter. 627 more words

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A day at Walmart

If I ever feel the need for some extra attention, all I have to do is go to Walmart with some – or all- of my kids. 692 more words

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