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How you can 'Make a mum smile in May' & fab giveaway

Make a mum smile

May is a great month. Smack bang in the middle of autumn (the Fall for my northern followers) we celebrate Mothers’ Day (Sunday, 10 May). 913 more words


Fortunately, Unfortunately 

Before I started IVIG treatments for this pregnancy, David and I had the opportunity to reconnect with some dear friends. We had not seen them in three children, which equates to five years. 490 more words


Spring 2015

Spring has finally arrived in Oslo. I wake up with new hope as the sun shines through the window. A few months ago, life seemed dark. 253 more words


Pregnancy Journals: #2

So I thought this would be a fun way to document my journey of pregnancy! This is my first, due October 7th. I’ll try to get pictures in but we’re in the midst of moving and the camera got packed! 403 more words


It's not always easy

It’s been one of those days. It ended with Quinten spitting on my sweatshirt when I put him to bed. That’s a pretty accurate summary of his day. 422 more words


The workouts: redux

I had a bit of a revelation today; summer is coming and I’m still not at my goal weight.  Now before you roll your eyes at me and dismiss this as “another workout post” hear me out. 474 more words