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Momma Musings

Last weekend I organized a baby shower for one of my dear friends. Sonya and I have been best friends since middle school. Seeing her with her newborn brings on a wave of so many feelings and emotions, it’s hard to really express my mixture of joy, awe, happiness, anxiety, excitement, wonder, fear, and hopefulness. 490 more words


Supplement. Yes/No?

Recently it got me thinking; should I take supplement(s) although I am healthy, for now? I have asked this with my gynae but she said that our daily food intake is more than enough to provide us all the nutrients for our body. 98 more words


Three-4 month photo session.

Today my little one turned 4 months! My creative contribution to the day is a little photo shoot we did in honor of the 4 month milestone. 31 more words


Mommy has to poop

Everyone told me this time would come. They all said it would get easier and overtime I would soon be able to call a sliver of a moment my own. 462 more words


Keeping Secrets

I am so rubbish at keeping secrets. I have known about my extremely early pregnancy for all of 10 hours and I have already told two people who I shouldn’t have. 266 more words


Day 192

Your core strength is improving every day.  You’ve started rolling over on your changing table, and you basically turn flips in your crib.  You think it’s funny.   47 more words


Day 191

You’re rolling around everywhere and you’re so strong.  We can’t keep you on the foam mat anymore.  And you love getting yourself under things, like the swing, the booster seat, and the end table.   14 more words