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Unanswered questions

There are so many things about babies I don’t understand and no one can tell you when you ask:

• why don’t babies come out understanding rational and logical thought? 211 more words


What is a Roller Coaster?

Kerchickety-thunk. Kerchickety-thunk. Kerchickety-thunk. The cart is ratcheted forward up the steep incline, ascending one kerchikety-thunk at a time, until the apex of the hill, and then… 735 more words


Finding your voice sucks

Finding your voice sucks.

Because it means saying things that you won’t mean after you say them and hear how they sound.

It means believing publicly in something with your entire heart, only to shift your stance later. 251 more words


There's a first time for everything

This morning I went to the dentist. We have been here almost 9 months now and finding a dentist was one of those things that I’ve been meaning to do, but wasn’t a priority until I started to feel an ache in the right side of my mouth. 479 more words

When you accidentally lock your baby in the car...

I’m not gonna say whether or not this happened. But let’s just say if it did, it was a complete and utter accident, never in my life would I have thought that this could happen to me and I would do anything in my power so that it never happens again. 111 more words


Day 131

I found your teeth today, not that they have come in yet.  The bottom gum has three little white spots that look like teeth coming in.   89 more words


Little Talks-- Best and Worst

I was rocking Emily before bed. She had just finished nursing on one side and was scooching around to the other.

“So what was the best part of your day, Em?” I asked. 496 more words