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Garden weeding rained out

I had to admit that when the rain started, I was relieved to be able to come back inside. My garden needs a ton of work after more than 3 weeks of neglect due to rain and laziness. 230 more words

The Joys Of Geezerhood

The Secret Garden

My sister and I have finally found time to go for frequent walks around our village and I was just so inspired by the gardens, trees and flowers that I had to share them. 232 more words

Everyday Life

The T’ai Chi Sacred Marriage of Being & Doing: Living The Way of Nature

T’ai Chi is an ancient art form, where the artist perfects the art of being and doing while attuning with the Tao.

‘An artist is an instrument through which the Universe reveals itself’ – Goldschneider & Elffers…

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New Paradigm

Another day in paradise

A wonderful treasure trove from the beach! My sister-in-law, Mary Lou, has been kindly sharing her vacation with me. Her photographs are so good I almost feel I’m there. 58 more words

Mother Nature

small stones (22)

art credit: Mother Nature by vyndicare, DeviantArt

a chill runs through these bones
a reminder that Mother Nature
can give and take away warmth
with a wave of her hands
regardless of the Season

Small Stones

Let’s surprise them in a most natural way than ever

Flowers are the best means to capture special moments and emotions in life. The Mother Nature has blessed us with an endless treasure of the natural beauty and the fragrance. 380 more words

Random Thoughts....from Perceptions


Today, the world was yellow.
Everywhere I looked, golden flowers,
Bright against the green,
Laughing in the sunshine
Of a spring morning.

Yesterday the world was blue. 76 more words


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