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Our Matron Nature

One can barely control


Let alone


Twice more we


than men.

His design
Smothered the earth
With her love…

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A creative point of view – Take 2

I just plant veggies and flowers. Now THIS is creative gardening!

Amazing Animals

Y u do dis Mother Nature?

I’m convinced that Mother Nature hates women.

I’m basing this hunch entirely on the fact that the last time she visited, she left me curled up on the floor holding on to dear life. 373 more words

Ice Cream

Welcome to Mother Nature Photography!!! A Photographical Journey Awaits!!!

Welcome to Mother Nature Photography everyone!!! As I share my love with photography, considering that I am planning to become a professional, full-time photographer when I’m older, I have taken the opportunity to branch Mother Nature out to a wider audience by creating this sister page to my current website, Mother Nature. 162 more words


Raccoon Season has started - Take 1

Well, a new year has started for the “Lewis’ vs the Raccoons” in Greenwood, Arkansas.

Why should we be having a feud, you ask? Why would ANYONE be upset at these sweet-looking critters sharing land? 256 more words


Katie's secret

As usual, Mary was at the meeting spot on time, which meant 15 minutes early. She and Susan had met every Thursday at 11:30 for a stroll through the park followed by lunch for the past 12 years. 731 more words

The Moment

Upon the Forest Field a Fallen

Upon the Forest Field a Fallen                                                                      


Fire licking starlight flames

Upon the ground of earthy veins

Lightning strikes and those abound

To catch it as it’s lurking ‘round… 161 more words