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Being a gay charcater in video games

Up, down, turn around / Please don’t let me hit the ground / Tonight I think I’ll walk alone / I’ll find my soul as I go home… 1,015 more words

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SDCC 2015: Mezco's Exclusive Mortal Kombat X Ice Clone Sub Zero

This assassin is the steeliest of all Mortal Kombat characters, and now Mezco pays tribute to one of his most fiendish moves; the Ice Clone. 174 more words


Weapons for waging the war on Bed Bugs. LeGivorden style.

Ok so we all know that at one time bed Bugs where effectively extinct in North America. And that many people attribute this fact to the extensive use of DDT, but that since it’s outlawing, this old enemy is back. 939 more words

Reader Discussion: What's the Weirdest Game You've Ever Played?

In an ongoing effort to sell as many games as possible, it’s rare for developers and publishers to push boundaries and drift outside their comfort zones. 357 more words

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Prepare for War in 'Mortal Kombat X' Ch. 21

Mortal Kombat! The very name compels one to shriek martial arts noises, shout “Finish him!” and then pull out someone’s spine. Okay! Whoa! Maybe not that last part. 226 more words


10 Questions with KH Showtime (Combo Breaker Edition)

(Showtime Pictured to the Left)

Name – Frank “Showtime” Occhione

Character – Sonya Blade (Covert Ops)

Location – Kombat Houston

Twitter – @lpappashow 616 more words

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Mortal Kombat X Initial Thoughts

You don’t know me very well if you don’t know how much of a Mortal Kombat fan I am. I own every game over stupid amounts of consoles all of which I still play on a regular basis. 906 more words