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What Difference Does It Make? I'D Run on That Platform

What difference does it make?  I agree with Alan Colmes (not a typo) that we are going to hear that “until it is coming out of our ears”  and it was taken out of context (H/T Alan Colmes.com).  376 more words

Tease Torment Tantalize: A 30th Anniversary Tribute To The Smith's Debut - Reimagine Music

Recorded in 2014, the 30th anniversary of The Smiths’ eponymous debut, this new compilation features a select few of the best artists in electronic and indie rock. 63 more words

Morrissey - The Boy Racer (CD1)

01 – The Boy Racer
02 – London (Live)
03 – Billy Budd (Live)



Is Vegetarianism Better for Non-Human Animals?

Before the album Meat is Murder (which came out 30 years ago) concepts like animal rights were often stuck in either religious or academic conversations. Peter Singer’s… 953 more words


Typical Moz e-zine # 3 is now online

The day came.Typical Moz e-zine # 3 is now online -via Issuu- for everyone!
>> Read: http://issuu.com/typical_moz/docs/typical_moz_e-zine__3
This new edition is focused on the last European tour Morrissey with a complete and original report of thirty pages. 34 more words