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Ping pong bracket.

As I mentioned in a previous post, a table tennis tournament happened. Here’s more proof.

Nbil won. Congratulations, Nbil!


Top Tips to Traveling light!

We are all fully aware of that last minute holiday packing panic, trying to cram six bikini’s, five pairs of shoes, and a mountain of makeup into one suddenly very small suitcase. 506 more words


Marrakech Express 

While this trip was going to be exclusively European countries, it became clear that I couldn’t be so close to Morocco and not go. Following a series of events it was decided that Marrakech was going to be the destination. 546 more words

Five Pins for Saturday.

Some of my current top five favorite pins from the wonderful world of Pinterest on this beautiful Saturday.

Stina Persson’s Watercolor’s are inspiring me to actually try out watercolors. 105 more words


Dew Drops of Morning Nectar

The songs of birds –

Sirens of the rising nectar

Within the waking earth

And seeping from the weeping skies

Drenched in purple hue

Enveloped in trails… 17 more words


Twilight Medleys

And the lovers’ silhouette is lost

In the shadows of

That great fading light

Sparkling embers of glory

Trailing upon horizon’s face

Melt, into soft waves… 18 more words


One Day

One day

We will each become

A beautiful garden

A windswept field


Where capsules of cosmos

And universes explode

In grass and beetle and dewdrop

Painting great tapestries

Of Life