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The Strangest Thing Happened At The Autopsy Table

First and foremost, I would like to formally apologize to the families of Renée Jackson, Brandon O’Neil, and Adrien Carter. I did not know them well, but they seemed like very smart young individuals with bright futures ahead of them. 4,153 more words

Looking at a Morgue

*Note:  No photos were allowed to be taken of the inside of the morgue during my visit. 

I parked on the street outside Landolfi Funeral Home in Paulsboro and felt a mild excitement. 836 more words


M is for Morgue

(This post is part of my ongoing series ABCs of Hospital Chaplaincy.)

The sign by the door reads “Decedent Affairs.” It’s a euphemism. Nobody whose loved one is being treated in the hospital, or who is actually a patient there, wants to see the word “Morgue” as they walk down the hallway. 979 more words

Stacy Sergent

Cookies & Cadavers

Once I was in this morgue in Pennsylvania, waiting in the (you guessed it) waiting room with some nasty tea and stale cookies infront of me. 61 more words

Listen To Skepta's 'Nasty' Reponse to Devilman

There’s been a fair bit of beef as of late floating between Chipmunk, Bugzy Maloneand Big Narstie, then Devilman entered the picture, going in on a Chip diss and throwing a few jabs in Skepta’s direction too. 11 more words


Morgue Knight

The Pernicious Pantheon of Perishing

Villains of Vileness

Morgue Knight

These terrible foes are not only the corpses of knights or soldiers that have been reanimated but also, the tortured spirits therein.  119 more words