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Dawn of Azazel - The Tides of Damocles (Review)

Dawn of Azazel are from New Zealand and play Death Metal. This is their fourth album.

Dawn of Azazel play Progressive Death Metal with enough brutality to keep people happy. 252 more words


Dawn of the Dead, Morbid Angel: Alters of Madness

Quite possibly the best death metal record of all time, end of story but I need to write an actual review.

When discussing music it’s hard to be objective as it is obviously based on opinion and one man’s favorite records might totally uninterest someone else. 425 more words


Proto-underground Metal

Arguably Slayer’s debut Show no Mercy and Hellhammer’s string of demos in 1983 laid the groundwork for death metal, the first full-fledged genre to fully emerge from the proto-death and black metal underground in the mid 1980’s. 716 more words

Metal Studies

Ichor - Depths (Review)

Ichor are from Germany and play Death Metal. This is their third album.

Who doesn’t love a bit of Modern Death Metal? I know I do. 303 more words


Morbid Angel To Reissue Limited Edition Copies of “Altars of Madness” Covered in Sriracha Sauce

What do Thomas Jefferson, William Blake and Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer have in common? If you guessed that Morbid Angel is reissuing a thousand copies of “Altars of Madness” covered in Sriracha Sauce, you’d be correct. 681 more words

This Is The Story So Far

In the halls of the tormented,
screams abound never ended
Children of the damned
Forever Tortured, Unyielded and Unrepentant,
Tormented eyes burned away in those that forever wish to go home and enter into the halls of the living…

768 more words
Christian Faith

Sarpanitum - Blessed Be My Brothers... (Review)

Sarpanitum are a UK Death Metal band and this is their second album.

Sarpanitum take a three-pronged approach to their Death Metal that combines traditional Death Metal, melodic atmospheres and a touch of Black Metal’s heart of darkness. 178 more words