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Morals vs Money 

So an opportunity has come my way that has me torn. A friend of mine was telling me about a time she used a sugar daddy website to make a little extra cash. 137 more words

Mad Men: Is Kenny the Only Good Guy?

***SPOILERS – This article mentions info from the final episodes of Mad Men.***

After the series finale of Mad Men, I started thinking about all the characters, how they developed, and how they ended up. 2,017 more words

Critical Analysis

Ex Machina

The movie has a great topic, but turns into mostly distractions and embarrassments. And the soundtrack is very monotone, and the ending makes no sense. 138 more words

Cheston M. Bush Quote.

Bush, C. (2012). Called to the fire: A witness for God in Mississippi : the story of Dr. Charles Johnson. Nashville: Abingdon Press.
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The Great Game is afoot anew!

But the actors have changed! The Great Game used to be the fight by Russia and Great-Britain to control Central Asia running roughly from the end of the Napoleonic era when the Tzars befriended Persia, the modern Iran, which then ran from Pakistan to Irak and ended when the Bolsheviks took over, i.e. 1,792 more words


The Ascent: Moving Forward (Part III)

“Edward, whatever is wrong with that brother of yours? He acts like a thirteen year-old brat!”

Lawson had embarrassed his older brother by his seemingly childish actions. 550 more words